Gonner 2 revealed by Raw Fury, coming out in 2020

A sequel to the heavily stylised roguelite platformer shooter Gonner has been revealed by Raw Fury and Art in Heart. The game will be along sometime in 2020 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


Gonner (stylised as GoNNER) was an IGF award winning procedurally generated platformer, starring Ikk as he tries to cheer up his buddy, the giant whale named Sally, delving into the deep and dark world to find a nice little trinket for her.

The sequel retains a lot of that style. Ikk is now entering into a strange relationship with Death, though. Death needs Ikk’s help to take down the mysterious presence that has taken over her lair.

Art in Heart say, “This is a game for the curious, the brave and the tad bit whimsical. Awaken your inner kid as you get into a sweet flow, flying through levels, shooting everything that moves and pulling off ludicrous, acrobatic destruction. All this while you discover the spooky and chaotic world that surrounds you with bursting colors.

You will bounce around and shoot a lot, absolutely, but that is just the beginning. Every time you play, the levels will be utterly different and present weirdly unique challenges to take on and secrets to discover. Tricksy excitement, spinning action and mind-dazzling surprises await when the game releases later this year. Tap into your sense that anything is possible, GONNER2 aims to be a fun plaything to be messed around with.”

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