Dustborn is an action adventure road trip across the Divided States of America, coming 2021

During the Future Games Show, Red Thread Games announced its action adventure title Dustborn. The game is part road trip adventure, and combat through a Divided States of America in the year 2030. Players take on the role of Pax who is a con-artist that has been hired to take a package across the American Republic which is controlled by the authoritarian Justice. They are not her only issue as fanatical Puritans are chasing Pax, who herself is what is called an Anomal.

There is combat in Dustborn but it is a bit different from the standard use a weapon to hit someone with. Instead, words are the weapons and you can assault opponents with misinformation to confuse them and deal damage. Pax is not alone on her journey either as she recruits other Anomals to help her get the package across the country, and each one has their own story to tell. Oh, there are also robots, ghosts, civil war, and a whole host of other things happening in Dustborn. Below is a list of features from the game.

  • Cross a Divided States of America ruled by the authoritarian Justice, from Pacifica to the Free Nation of Nova Scotia, staying one step ahead of the fanatical Puritans.

  • Record and remix Echoes of the infodemic into new weaponised words, and manipulate, intimidate and control the people you interact with.

  • Manage your relationships through dialogue choices and human interactions in an expressive, branching dialogue system.

  • A story about family, friendship, and hope in the face of overwhelming adversity.

  • A beautiful graphic novel art-style that brings stunning 2D illustrations to 3D life.

  • An alternate-future Neo-Western narrative with unexpected twists and turns, tough choices and emotional consequences.

  • Travel undercover as a folk-punk-rock band, and learn to play a set of original tunes around the campfire…before proving yourself in an epic Battle of the Bands!

  • Robots! Let’s never forget about the robots.

Dustborn is set to release for PC and consoles in 2021.

Source: WeAreDustborn

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