Nuke the north pole to terraform Mars in Per Aspera

Tlön Industries and Raw Fury have released a new trailer for their planet-sized city building game Per Aspera. But between all the fun of turning Mars into a planet ripe for human colonisation, there’s a deep mystery and danger for you to overcome.


Where most city builders give you a single city to build and grow, Per Aspera gives you the whole planet to be your plaything, working to transform Mars from a barren dusty red ball into one with water, a breathable atmosphere, life. You’ll take control of the artificial consciousness AMI, taking such grand decisions to nuke the planet’s poles to melt the ice caps and kickstart the return of plantlife to the planet.

The planetary map is based off geographical data from NASA, with the game’s progression determined by real-life engineering and scientific ideas to give an approximation of how a real terraforming project might play out. However, there’s a deep dark secret to the planet that you’ll explore through the . Humans are not the only ones who’ve tried to colonise the planet.

As the trailer ominously warns:


-may just find the truth of their fate. It’s up to-


-you to decide what to do with what you uncover.


Per Aspera is coming to PC via Steam later this year.

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