EA UFC 4 closed beta sign ups open up, register your interest now

EA has surprised launched a beta sign up page for the next UFC title which at the moment is going by the name EA UFC. The beta will be closed but you can sign up for it by using your EA account. After you do that you will get a message saying that a code will be sent via email over the next few weeks. The beta will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One and is focused on gameplay tuning. If you interested in trying out the new EA UFC then you can do so by registering through this link. While the beta only mentions the current gen consoles it is likely the game will also be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The last UFC game to be released was EA UFC 3 back in 2018, and that featured Connor McGregor on the cover. In our review for EA UFC, I wrote:


EA UFC 3 is a good representation of the sport franchise, offering a well put together fighting game that represents the different styles and weight classes found in MMA. The action in the octagon mimics reality very well, with a decent career mode helping people to learn the ropes. On the online front, there’s a divide between Ultimate Team and standard online divisions with the latter winning out in both accessibility and fairness. If you’re a UFC fan in general, then this is a good game to pick up.

You can read the full EA UFC 3 review here. With a new UFC game in the works that may mean the Fight Night franchise will remain on hiatus for a while longer yet. Fans have been wanting a new Fight Night game for a long time. The last Fight Night title was Fight Night Champion which launched way back in 2011 for the last generation of consoles.

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