Minecraft Nether update will be released next week

Mojang Studios has confirmed that the Minecraft Nether update will be released next week on June 23rd across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10, the Java version so it will also be available on older Windows,  as well as Mac OS, and Linux on the same day. If you want to get into the mood of the Minecraft Nether update you can hear some of the soundtrack on Spotify right now.

So, what will players be able to find in the Nether update? Well, there will be new biomes, materials, and enemy mobs to deal with. One of the new items is Netherite which a material stronger than diamond. However, there are no natural deposits left of Netherite and can only be salvaged. The reason for the lack of Netherite deposits is due to the Piglins, creatures that you can either fight against or barter with. Hoglins are a new mob that will be prove dangerous to players but you can hunt them if you feel you’re tough enough. A target block has also been added making that Redstone a bit more flexible.

The Nether update will no doubt provide hours of new content for Minecraft players and will lead to some brand new creations from talented players. If the Nether update is not your thing you can check out Minecraft Dungeons instead. In our review for Minecraft Dungeons, Dom wrote:

Minecraft Dungeons could easily have been “My First Dungeon Crawler”, but it’s so much more than that. It does a great job of taking the genre’s hooks – the waves of enemies, the pervasive drive for better loot – and makes them palatable and approachable for a wide-ranging audience. It’s perfect family gaming, but if you crank the difficulty up prepare for an epic beatdown, and the epic rewards to go with them.
You can read the full review here.
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