The Last of Us Part 2 – starting New Game Plus and what carries over

Even when those final credits roll upon completing The Last of Us Part II, you may find yourself wanting to jump straight back into the action.

Thankfully, the developers at Naughty Dog have anticipated this. If there are certain chunks of the game you want to revisit then you can dive back into individual scenes via the chapter select option – ideal for hoovering up those collectibles you may have missed on your initial playthrough.

There’s also another option in there allowing you to replay each of Part II’s combat encounters which is another nice touch and one that doesn’t require skipping through cutscenes, dropping you straight into the action then allowing you to run these battles again immediately after.

The Last of Us Part II – New Game Plus and what carries over

The Last of Us Part II, like many of Sony’s recent slate of AAA exclusives, also has a feature called New Game Plus which is available once you have completed the game. For those who don’t know, this adds some extra replay value. It lets you start from the beginning while inheriting those skills, weapons, and other bonuses unlocked from your previous playthrough.

In The Last of Us Part II this translates into letting you carry over all weapons, weapon upgrades, crafting recipes, and survival skills. If you didn’t manage to unlock the trophies for maxing these out, New Game Plus gives you an easy route by adding to your existing progress.

Obviously there are some items that won’t carry over, such as the resources you’ve gathered in your previous playthrough or crafted items such as bombs and health kits.

As for collectibles, the total number found won’t be reset despite them appearing in the same locations again during subsequent playthroughs. You can dive into the game’s options to enable an UI icon, adding a check symbol next to the triangle button prompt when picking up Artefacts, Trading Cards, and other items.

Right now there are no trophies specifically associated with completing The Last of Us Part II on New Game + though developers have been known to expand their trophy lists for video games, post launch. This includes Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War. Both titles were patched after their release, adding New Game + and a clutch of new trophies.

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