Interview – How Wave Break makes sense out of skateboarding in a boat

Some ideas are just too good to pass up. We’ve always loved skateboarding games here at TSA, from Tony Hawks through Skate, up to the current Early Access champions Skate XL and Session, but haven’t you always thought ‘this would be better in a boat’?

No? Well, the folks at Funkotronic Labs did, and filled that boat full of bears, guns, and an 80s synthwave soundtrack while they were at it! Because if you’re going to go for it, you should really go for it.

We got to talk to Kalin, co-founder of Funkotronic Labs, all about it.

TSA: What on Earth is skateboating? And should we all be trying it in real life?

Kalin: SkateBOATING is the skillful art of _skateboarding_, but with a boat. Grinds, flip tricks, and stylish grabs off of huge ramps. Everyone should try it in real life, there’s probably nothing dangerous about it at all, and no-one could possibly get hurt.

TSA: Where did the idea for Wave Break come from?

Kalin: Experimenting with water technology and different game ideas, and then thinking about how much we wanted a new arcade skating style game. So we mixed it all together, made it all feel good and turned it into a whole game.

TSA: It looks like brilliant, ridiculous fun, but how tough was it marrying up the different genres?

Kalin: It was a lot of hard work to get the physics feeling right. The water is fully physically simulated, and none of the physics involved with water, boats and skating are remotely ‘real’, so it needs a lot of careful adjustment to feel good. Mixing in the gun-play with the skating part was pretty straightforward – it works on top of the skating system quite seamlessly.

TSA: Let’s talk about the world. How have we got to this bear-filled, boat-tricking dystopia?

Kalin: This game world is the actual real world – the one we’re trapped in with humans and no boats, that one is the dystopia.

TSA: What inspired those designs?

Kalin: We tried out some different character designs and themes early on, and these characters in a Miami Vice style synthwave universe just seemed cool and fun. Artistically it’s a cool aesthetic to play with, and the colors and music feel great.

TSA: The synthwave soundtrack we heard in the trailer sounds fantastic. Has that all been created in house? How many music tracks will be in the final game?

Kalin: We worked closely with some very well-known synthwave artists to make a custom new soundtrack for the game. It was really important to us that we had musicians who live and breathe the genre, and that the songs stand on their own as music too. We’ll have all the details on launch day!

TSA: It looks like Wave Break is the perfect game to play with others – what multiplayer options are there going to be?

Kalin: It is definitely more fun with friends! There’s a skill-based matchmaking queue and you can freely play with friends. There’s time-attack (high score) mode, deathmatch, and free play modes on launch. More to come later!

TSA: How is it developing for Stadia? And what does it mean to be amongst the first wave of indie games launching for it?

Kalin: In general it’s not much different than working on any other console. It has been very handy for all this remote work with everyone working from home since everything is cloud-based. Opening a few instances in browser tabs for testing multiplayer is handy too.

TSA: Do you think game streaming is the future?

Kalin: I can see it living comfortably side-by-side with other technology. Sometimes you don’t have gaming hardware around so it’s nice to play on whatever device, cheap laptop or phone or something.

TSA: When can we get involved in Wave Break?

Kalin: You can come and see more and chat with us at, or follow posts and gameplay streams at More details on the game are at

Thanks to Kalin for chatting with us. Wave Break is releasing for Stadia on the 23rd of June!

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