Street Power Football’s latest trailer explores the freestyle mode

A new trailer has been released for Street Power Football, an arcade football title that will be releasing soon for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. The new trailer dives into the freestyle mode which appears to be a score building mode where you have to perform tricks. That is not the only mode as there is  Panna mode, and a trickshot mode too. There is also the option to play some matches of street football with access to powers.

Here is Street Power Football’s description:

Street Power Football combines creative style with high-energy action for an over-the-top soccer and arcade videogame experience. Street Power Football features six distinct game modes, tons of customisable options to style your team to your liking, pumped up music, stages and ambassadors from around the world, with more gameplay videos to be revealed soon showcasing Panna mode, Trick shot mode, Street Power match game mode.

The freestylers announced for Street Power Football include Soufiane Bencock, Aguska Mnich, Michal Rycaj, Yoanna Dallier, Andreas Freestyle, Yo Katsuyama, Kazane Flower Boy Shimazaki, CrisFreestyle, Peter Karasek, Laura Biondo, and Boyka Ortiz. Street Power Football has been developed by SFL Interactive and published by Maximum Games.

Source: Press Release

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