Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights game websites have been registered

It looks like we may soon be getting news from Warner Bros about its next games set in its Batman universe as three domains have recently been registered. Resetera user DriftingOrbit has found domains for a Suicide Squad game, a Gotham Knights game, and another website for Suicide Squad kill the Justice League. All of these domains have been registered by MarkMonitor Inc. in the last couple of weeks. The company has previously registered Warner Brothers websites like, for example, which was registered way back in 1995.

Warner Bros Montreal did tease a Batman game months ago that seemed to be centred around the Court of Owls, so maybe Gotham Knights is that game? It could bring in the rest of the Bat Family into a more central role instead of being on the periphery as it has been in previous Batman Arkham games. The Suicide Squad game could be Rocksteady’s next title as the studio has been quiet since releasing Batman: Arkham Knight and its DLC in 2015. There have been rumours the studio has been working on both a Suicide Squad game and a Justice League game so there is also a possibility that both groups could feature in the next entry.

However, there may be a spanner in the works coming soon. It is reported that AT&T, Warner Bros parent company, is looking to sell off Warner Bros Interactive. That is the arm of the company that is responsible for all of the games it makes. There is some suggestion that EA, Activision Blizzard, and Take-Two Interactive are all interested in acquiring the business along with the licenses, but any new owner will review projects in development so there is no guarantee these would make the cut under new owners. The studios involved may be getting ready to reveal these projects now to get them into the public eye and to gauge reactions, which could in turn help make a case to keep these games going.

Source: ResetEra

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