Earth Defense Force 6 announced for 2021 but you wouldn’t know it from the screen shots

The Earth Defense series has always been low budget but after playing the luscious The Last of Us Part II you would be forgiven for thinking the next game in the series, Earth Defense Force 6, was actually released ten years ago and not scheduled for 2021.


Take a look at that texture of brown low res mush that apparently doubles for the ground. Marvel at the one dimensional alias free brown streaks that represent grass. Squint really hard to make out the ant in the background because it’s the same shades of murk as the rest of the game.

The second screen shot shows… well, I have no idea. A lizard with a fancy gold top hat and a massive gun? What I do know is that chances of the building to the right managing to collapse and leave exactly the same piece of rubble attached to the side twice are about a billion and five to one.

Here are two spiders who, like the rest of the game, seem to have escaped from Fallout 3 on PlayStation 3.

And finally, these giant hornets have wisely decided to stay a nice bright yellow so they stand out against the rest of the grey mush. We also have even more examples of buildings collapsing in exactly the same formation on multiple levels.

Joking aside, if this game is coming in 2021, so probably for next gen as well as current consoles, it should look a little better than a Fallout 3 mod.

The last game in the main series, Earth Defense Force 5, was released across multiple formats and was a lot more colourful than the screens above. We rather liked it and gave it 8/10 in our review. 

“Earth Defense Force 5 is as video gamey as they come,” said Migeul. “No frills, just kills. If you want to unwind after a long day and just blast some baddies and see explosions until your eyes go red, you can get no better than this game. The absurdity of the story and the increasingly oppressive odds of the missions make this a hell of an experience solo, and one of the most silly and satisfying cooperative experiences I’ve come across.”

Source: D3

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  1. I think you’re being a bit unfair there. Yes, it does look a bit shit. And it’s probably completely stupid and cheesy and repetitive. And probably quite a lot of fun.

    Too much improvement and it’ll go from “so bad it’s good” to “it’s just a bit shit”.

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