Do Not Open is a PSVR exclusive escape room horror game, coming in 2021

A fresh teaser trailer for PSVR exclusive horror game Do Not Open has been shared by Quasar Dynamics, giving us a glimpse of the game’s creepy atmosphere with a planned release in 2021.

Developed as part of the PlayStation Talents initiative, the game is a hybrid escape room and survival horror game. It puts you in the VR boots of Michael Goreng, who wakes up trapped in his own house and has to solve puzzles to try and escape a mysterious threat. Oh, and his wife and daughter are being held against their will, as if he needed any more reasons to overcome the obstacles ahead of him.

As an escape room, you’ll be solving riddles and puzzles, while trying to unravel the game’s secrets, but there’s elements of randomisation at play here. There’s no save points in the game, and every time you start over the house will be changed around. You’ll have to keep making progress, because if you take too long or fail at a puzzle, the monster’s going to get you.

Source: press release

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