Dauntless PS4 Trophy Guide

Dauntless originally launched in early access on PC before making the leap to PlayStation 4 last year. Developer Phoenix Labs have continued to support the game with new content and updates – Dauntless also allows for crossplay between all versions.

Likened to Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World, Dauntless is an action-heavy roleplaying game in which you and up to three other Slayers battle creatures known as Behemoths.

There are a total of nine trophies up for grabs and for those who are also playing Dauntless on Xbox One, there are a couple of changes to the way achievements and trophies are handled.

The Xbox One version has a total of 1000 GamerScore points on offer with an achievement for maxing out the Dauntless Hunt Pass. This same objective doesn’t appear in the PlayStation 4 trophy list – not only that, there is no Dauntless platinum trophy up for grabs sadly.

Whether or not Phoenix Labs have plans to extend the trophy list for Dauntless is unknown though there’s a definite possibility the developer could add more at some point in the future.

Before delving into the trophy guide below it may be worth reading our handy list of 10 tips and tricks for Dauntless newcomers.

Dauntless PS4 Trophy Guide Overview & Roadmap

All of the Dauntless trophies are very straightforward though you won’t see many of them popping until later in the game. Depending on your approach, the full trophy list could take anywhere from 60 to over 100 hours to complete.

The trophies in Dauntless require a ton of grinding, running the same hunts over and over while gathering resources to max out your weapons and armour.

At first you should just try and familiarise yourself with Dauntless, its skill-based combat, and the wealth of character customisation options available. Ultimately, your goal is to defeat the game’s deadliest Behemoths while making sure you have one sword, one war pike, one axe, one hammer, and one pair of chainblades all upgraded to +10.

All the while you should be trying to increase your player level. Dauntless hands out experience points for just about every in-game action though there are ways to optimise this and earn the Slayer Supreme gold trophy quicker.

Dauntless PS4 Trophies

Behemoth Breaker [Bronze]
Defeat a Behemoth with every part broken

This bronze trophy is one of the earliest you’ll collect. All Behemoths have parts (typically the head, tail, and legs) that can be broken and when this happens they will drop materials that can then be used in crafting.

To break a Behemoth part, simply focus your attacks on it. Yellow damage numbers will pop if a part has yet to be broken whereas you’ll only see white damage numbers from a broken part. Legs are usually the safest parts to break so make sure you focus on the head and tail first.

Craft Services [Bronze]
Craft a Weapon from Behemoth Parts

Pretty much unavoidable. Dauntless will ask you to craft a weapon within your first dozen or so minutes of gameplay. To do this visit the smithy (Wils Bormen) in Ramsgate then craft a weapon using the materials earned from your first hunt.

Buy Low, Cell High [Bronze]
Cook an Epic Cell with the Middleman

The Middleman is an NPC in Dauntless you will find in Ramsgate just to the left of where you spawn. At first it may not be clear as to what the Middleman actually does. Put simply, you can give him two Cells (weapon/armour attachments that add abilities) to combine to create even more powerful variations.

Cells come in three rarities with purple being Epic. In order to unlock this trophy, give the Middleman two blue Cells then either wait for them to fuse or spend some Ace Chips to speed up the process.

Can’t Touch This [Bronze]
Complete 100 Perfect Dodges

Regular dodges can help distance yourself from an incoming Behemoth attack whereas a perfectly timed dodge can phase right through it. Using this tiny invincibility window, skilled Dauntless slayers will often dodge directly into an attack instead of away from it.

Practice and timing are required to unlock this trophy. It should come naturally after several hours of play but if you’re having difficulty then try and craft weapons and armour which offer the Evasion ability. This gives you a slightly bigger window to perform perfect dodges.

Have an Ice Day [Bronze]
Slay the Frostback Pangar

After battling the game’s first wave of Behemoths, Dauntless will throw deadlier versions of these monsters into the mix. The Frostback Pangar is one such Behemoth though you can defeat it using the same strategies you would with a regular Pangar.

Just make sure you have the appropriate loadout equipped. The Frostback Pangar has a Threat Level of 11, Dauntless recommending a slayer power of 365 to take it down. Make sure you have a blaze element weapon equipped as well as frost resistant armour. Tuning your equipment for each hunt will always give you a boost.

Darkness and Light [Silver]
Defeat Shrowd and Rezakiri

The Shrowd and Rezakiri won’t appear in Dauntless until much later in your Behemoth slaying career. Both of them are Threat Level 17, making them two of the toughest encounters in the entire game.

You won’t be able to face them right away. It’s only by completing main quests and accepting the Bright Shadows mission that you’ll eventually unlock the option to hunt the Shrowd and Rezakiri in a pursuit. In terms of strategy, make sure you are equipped with at least one umbral and one radiant element weapon. Having a full set of maxed out umbral and radiant armour will also significantly increase your chances of victory.

Slayer Supreme [Gold]
Reach Player Level 40

Just about every action you perform in Dauntless will feed into your overall player level. This includes hunting Behemoths, crafting equipment, and dealing damage with weapons among other miscellaneous tasks such as breaking X number of parts or interrupting X number of attacks.

Your player level should naturally increase as you play Dauntless though there are some methods you can use to speed things up. The two big ones are crafting (not upgrading) every weapon and piece or armour you can, as well as liberally switching between the seven available different weapon classes.

You’ll notice that each class has its own shopping list of Mastery objectives. If you focus on just one weapon you’re limiting the number of these objectives you can complete. Aside from working towards the Slayer Supreme trophy, you will earn in-game rewards for raising your player level.

All Decked Out [Silver]
Possess a +10 Sword, Axe, Hammer, Pike, and Chainblades

Once you craft a weapon in Dauntless, you can then upgrade it to increase damage output. This requires a combination of materials dropped from Behemoths as well as orbs. These materials increase in quality as you hunt Behemoths of a higher Threat Level. First they will require elemental orbs before demanding Dull Arcstones, then Shining Arcstones.

This is where the grind kicks in. Dauntless will have you running the same hunts and patrols over and over in order to get the components for a +10 weapon. Depending on the weapon’s element you will also need rare materials from specific Behemoths. In order to unlock five +10 weapons you will therefore need 635 Dull Arcstones, 750 Shining Arcstones, 10 Shards, and Behemoth-specific materials.

The Master [Silver]
Complete any Mastery Card

Dauntless features a vast selection of Mastery Cards – one for each weapon class and Behemoth. These cards present a list of achievement-like objectives that earn you experience points upon completion. You should naturally max out a Mastery Card on your way to 100% completion but the fastest method would be to focus on one particular weapon, crafting it, upgrading it to +10, and completing enough hunts to complete the card.

In our up to date 2020 review we scored Dauntless an excellent 8/10. Phoenix Labs recently confirmed a roadmap of future updates for the game which includes a mobile version.

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