The latest Crusader Kings III video update is very stressful

I’m not the biggest fan of stress. Just thinking about stress is somehow quite stressful in its own right, isn’t it? So the inclusion of an actual stress mechanic in Crusader Kings III is something I’m sure that a lot of CK2 fans are quite… stressed about.

Thankfully, having played a good chunk of the game not so long ago, I can confirm that it’s not really all that bad. Here to talk more about it and other topics such as changes to Events, are some of the developers and content designers from the CK3 team:


Simply put, stress is a means by which the game will nudge you to more actively role play in the game. Instead of making every decision based off what you want to do as the player, you’re forced to try and think and act like the noble character that you control in the game. You’re always given a choice on how to act, but if you force your reclusive lord to go to too many public banquets, they’ll get stressed out by a social activity that would calm another type of character. Keeping pushing your character too far and they could suffer from a mental break, giving them a negative personality trait as a consequence.

Crusader Kings III is just a couple months away, planned for release on 1st September for PC. Paradox have kept up the monthly updates in recent times, but with the June update landing right at the end of the month, they’ll be skipping over July and be coming back with one final dev diary in August.

The game is coming after the better part of a decade with the immensely popular Crusader Kings II, giving it a big set of boots to try and fill as it revisits fundamental gameplay mechanics and concepts.

We got to go hands on in May, saying:

“After our hands on time with Crusader Kings III, we’ve really only scratched the surface of what it offers, but it’s set to offer a compelling fresh start to one of Paradox’s biggest grand strategy games. Sure, we’ll be leaving behind seven years of expansions and more, but in exchange, they’re refining a lot of what makes Crusader Kings unique while making it prettier and more accessible than ever.”

Head here for our full preview.

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