Surgeon Simulator 2 gameplay overview trailer shows quite a bit of carnage

Bossa Studios has released a brand new gameplay overview trailer for Surgeon Simulator 2 which give a bit of deep dive into different elements of the game, including the many ways to fix Bob, the environment that you can explore, some of the tools at your disposal, and a brief look at the creation lab where players will be able to customise characters, create scenarios, and build new levels. The trailer also details some of the pre-order bonuses including the Mad Scientist and Superhero costume sets.


The tools include a new organ and body part dispenser, a monitoring station to see just how Bob is doing, and standard operating fare like a shovel. The footage also shows the four player co-op mode where players can perform surgery together, do a bit of bowling with Bob’s head, or straight up trash the place by flipping tables and throwing things.

Surgeon Simulator 2 will be released in August on PC through the Epic Games Store.

Source: YouTube

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