What We Played #456 – The Last of Us Part II, Control & Beat Saber

I had a thought the other day about Waluigi and just how little sense his name makes. Now I know you’re thinking “Yes, I already know his name doesn’t make sense,” but hear me out anyway.

Logically speaking, if Wario is named after Mario with the first letter inverted, then the same should surely have been applied for Luigi’s evil counterpart? That would make Waluigi’s rightful name a somewhat stylised ‘Tuigi’.

Also, what gives with Luigi traditionally having more slippery control than Mario? Wouldn’t he go to the same Mushroom Kingdom cobbler as his brother? Imagine if how high he’d be able to jump if he had actual friction from his shoes!

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this, as you can tell, though when not deep in thought, I did carry on my journey into The Last of Us Part II, and relaxed with some 51 Worldwide Games and the wonderfully silly Behold the Kickmen, both on Switch.

Aran hopped in to say that he’s not been playing The Last of Us Part II, but has been playing BioShock Collection and Urban Trial Tricky on Switch for review. Also not playing TLOU2 is Nick, who’s instead preparing to buy his first house, which is terribly exciting, but also incredibly tiring. He has been able to escape from that with a few hours of Kingdom Hearts 3 and a quick go at Cartel Tycoon’s demo “which is brilliant.”

Reuben’s put in some more time with Streets of Rage 4, trying to get the hang of some non-Adam characters, and also been grinding out levels in Final Fantasy XIV.

Picking up a subscription to PS Now Steve’s got started with Control, and has really been enjoying it. “Audio design is so good through headphones (although the heat is not conducive to massive earmuffs)…” He’s also finished “all” the Hidden Object games available in PS Now with his kids.

Miguel popped by to say he’s continued to dip into Animal Crossing, Apex Legends, and Fortnite. He did pay the big Naughty Dog game, though. That’s right, he’s finally playing Uncharted 4!

So, you might be wondering, who has actually been playing The Last of Us? Well… Tuffcub!

“I have been playing TLOU2,” he said, “which went from being amazing to OH MY GOD THIS IS SO BORING WHEN WILL IT END? It still has not ended.”

Less bored is Nic, whose time in The Last of Us Part II has only “scratched the surface” so far, partly because he’s been reliving the PS3’s glory days with Burnout Paradise on Switch.

Calling it “excellent and very long” (arf) is Gamoc, who’d rather like to talk TLOU2 spoilers sometime. He’s also played a little Beat Saber.

There was also a touch of Beat Saber on Dom’s playlist this week, joined by the barmy “skateboating” of Wave Break, and a bit too much Elder Scrolls Online than is probably good for him.

Finally, Kris played “Mario”.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Played The Last of Us 2 over the weekend and yep you guessed it…. got the Platinum on Monday. Fantastic game from start to finish!
    Started playing Metro Exodus so that is my gaming planned for the weekend.

  2. I heard there was a lot of controversy over TLOU2 and now i can understand why.
    I watched the ‘event’ unfold kinda numb and unbelievingly – “it’ll be fine” i kept telling myself, “because the trailer..”… and then the sudden realisation that the trailer had deliberately misled us.
    However, despite that notable ‘event’ , i am quite enjoying the game so far. I’m taking my time with it, savouring it bit by bit, played for over 9 hours and have just come to the end of Seattle day1 and got a trophy for exploring it fully. I’m happy playing as Ellie right now but i probably won’t know how i feel about the other playable character until much later on.

    • It didn’t even occur to me that that event had already happened! I can’t understand the outrage, it’s a totally legitimate thing and a great narrative driving force.
      So I’m also loving The Last of Us 2, so far so good!

      • Oh i also don’t agree with the internet outrage but there is no denying it was a controversial move. I’m willing to play the game right through before reaching a conclusion.

    • Same here, I’m not sure I am already far enough in the game to have seen what could possibly cause any outrage. Knowing what the story of the game is about, very roughly, I fully expected something of that magnitude, even if, of course, I had not expected this specifically.

  3. Beginning of this week, I replaced the lamp of my projector, and it works again..! :-)
    Of course, I had to test it thoroughly this week…
    First, I continued mopping up some trophies in Bloodborne, looking for remaining weapons and badges I missed during my playthrough.
    Then I started TLOU2, on the hardest difficulty ‘survivor’, which I usually wouldn’t (see? I follow your recommendations, TSA), and I just made it to Seattle. I can’t say too much yet, but my first impression is very good.

  4. Plenty of RDR2 again. Why am I suddenly so obsessed with it lately? Weirdly, I’m not actually playing the various PvP modes much. Just trotting about on Bob the Horse, collecting things, hunting anything that moves, delivering moonshine, and sometimes being thrown off my horse for no obvious reason.

    Then a bit more of NFS:Heat. Finished off the main story. Wasn’t quite sure why you need to reach level 30 to do the last mission. Seems fairly random when you can then go on to level 50. But it’s all good fun and better than the previous 2.

    And a bit more of Metro Exodus. Finally finished off the big open world level that takes 5 minutes to load. Hopefully the rest won’t take as long and is a bit more linear.

    Plus random JRPG time with Nights of Azure 2. Which isn’t great, but still a reasonably fun distraction. Certainly a lot better than the ridiculous 2/10 it was given here. A perfectly average RPG distraction that couldn’t resist a dubious scene about boobs. And at least the main character is actually capable of fighting this time.

    VR fun was limited this week, because it suddenly got hot and I was struggling to put pants on without melting, let alone wear a Fancy Hat as well.

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