How to play Min Min in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Right, let’s get this out of the way really quickly: Min Min in Smash Bros is an excellent new addition, but she’s unlike any other fighter in the roster. She comes from the cult hit ARMS, where fighters are blessed/cursed with really long arms, or in one fighter’s case, magic hair. It’s a rather unique fighting game, and translating that into the world of Smash Bros can’t have been easy.

As a result, you’re going to need to practice a lot with her to get a decent feel for her style of fighting. You see, unlike most fighters where A is for your basic attacks and B is for your special ones, the A and B buttons control her arms instead. Well, sort of, the B button still has special attacks, but it often feels like a mirrored A attack instead.

Anyway, let’s get into Min Min in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and all of her uniquely stretchy attacks!


Min Min Smash Bros. Normal Attacks

Despite the similarities with Min Min’s special and normal attacks, they still normal attacks, so your A button controls most of your aerial moves, tilt attacks and smash attacks.

Tapping A while neutral will perform a close-range combo that’s good if someone has managed to get inside of your normal range. The same is true of tapping B as well. Holding A will have you punch with your left arm, which is always the Dragon Arm. Holding B will do the same with your right arm, but they type of arm can be swapped.

Your up tilt is a wheel kick, your forward tilt is just a straight punch and your down tilt is a sliding kick, which is good to cover a little bit of distance or start some close-range combos.

Min Min Smash Bros. Smash Attacks

A forward smash will have you sending out your arm, which you can then follow up by pushing the A button again to shoot a laser out of your left arm. This helps to add a bit of range and power, but on top of that, you can also tilt the arm slightly up or down to change the angle a little bit.

Your down smash is a split kick which hits both sides and is good in a pinch, but your up smash is something special. Despite it just being a somersault kick, it can actually reflect projectiles. This gives you a really useful defensive tool that can also knock people out.

Min Min Smash Bros. Air Attacks

Min Min isn’t great in the air; it’s just not her thing, and that’s okay. Her neutral air swings her left arm below her. Her forward air attack fires a punch, but you can also use a smash input if you want to, which allows you to then change the trajectory slightly and even follow up with the laser.

Her back air fires her left arm backwards, with the same smash input as above but in the opposite direction, and also allows for angling and the laser. Her down air is great, but will probably get you killed. It launches you down at a slight angle into a dive kick; this can meteor smash as it starts, but is otherwise a very good way to get back on the ground.

Min Min Smash Bros. Special Attacks

This is where things get interesting, at least with the neutral special and side special. Her neutral special is the same as her neutral attack, but you use your right arm if you hold the B button.

Her side special also does the same as your A attacks, but with the right arm instead. It’s worth noting that the properties of this attack are different based on which arm you have equipped.

To change your equipped arm, you have to do your down special. This will cycle between her Ramram Arm, which is a bit like a boomerang. It’s got good range but a little less power. The Megawatt Arm is a bit slower, but packs an incredible punch. Finally, you’ve got the Dragon Arm, which is nearly identical to the left arm version, just a little bit weaker.

Then we have the up special, which has two different effects depending on where you use it. On the ground, Min MIn will launch herself skywards, you can even charge it for more height and it has some invincibility frames. If you use this in the air though, you’ll use your left arm to tether to the nearest ledge.

Finally, we have her Final Smash attack which has Min Min punching forwards. If this connects then six of the ARMS fighters will appear and beat people up, all finished off with a huge blast from Min Min’s left Dragon Arm.

Min Min Smash Bros. Tips

Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s talk about some of the special tips for Min Min. The main thing to keep in mind is that, not only can you follow up your left arm with your right arm or vice versa, you can also send them in different directions. That means you can use your A forward smash to the left, then your B forward smash to the right. This helps a lot if someone dodges a strike and gets behind you.

On top of that, Min Min’s left arm also gets far more powerful after a throw or while you have your final smash. This is represented by a change in the arms appearance and gives it more damage overall.

Despite Min Min being a pretty powerful character, you generally need to keep enemies away from her. Her range is fairly long, and you need to keep enemies at arms length – geddit? – to get the most out of her attacks. As a result, she’s very strong against heavy characters and projectile characters, but not as good against lighter characters or aerial fighters.

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