F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch will bring bunnies in mechsuits to PS4 and PC

As part of the PlayStation Indies initiative, Sony revealed that TiGames’ F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch will be coming to PlayStation 4, as well as the previously announced release on PC. The game will be out “in the next few months.”


The game is set in a once peaceful dieselpunk city, its animal inhabitants having lived in harmony until the Machine Legion took over and plunged it into darkness. Rayton, the silent bunny protagonist is forced to act in order to save his friend, who’s been kidnapped by the Legion.

The game’s a metroidvania built around an arcade combat system and chaining together combo attacks. TiGames’ Yang Xiang explained:

It is built around the trio of weapons Rayton brings with him into battle: the mechanised fist, drill and whip.

Each has its own unique features and combo chains. The fist is a good all-rounder with the easiest combo strings of the three. The drill is slower to deploy but deals out the most damage. In direct contrast, the whip isn’t as powerful but is lightning quick and also boasts the furthest attack range. Yet you will need to become adept at using all three to survive your travels through the dense cityscape.

The world looks gorgeous, with the 2D gameplay complimented by deep 3D backdrops. It’s all running in Unreal Engine 4, combining an oriental tone with the dieselpunk aesthetic rather effectively. Over on PC, Nvidia have announced that the game will support ray tracing on their hardware, but with the game only announced for PS4 on console, don’t expect to see ray tracing there. Now, if they were announcing the game for PS5, that would be another matter…

Truth be told, this isn’t actually the first announcement for the game. It was revealed last August under the then working title F.I.S.T. at ChinaJoy 2019, already in partnership with PlayStation China. Obviously it holds enough potential that Sony would want to also help it gain the spotlight over in the west as well.

Source: PS Blog

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