July’s Xbox Game Pass line up includes SoulCalibur VI and Fallout 76

Microsoft has confirmed the new additions for Xbox Game Pass for console and PC that are heading to the service this month. From today, subscribers can get their hands on SoulCalibur VI on Xbox One and Out of the Park Baseball 21 on PC. Today also sees the release of Minecraft Dungeons’ first DLC Jungle Awakens. Then from July 9th, Fallout 76 will be available to play alongside CrossCode. Microsoft also confirmed the games that will be leaving the service and they are Blazing Chrome (Console & PC), Dead Rising 4 (Console & PC), Metal Gear Solid V (Console and PC), Timespinner (PC), Unavowed (PC), and Undertale (PC). All of these will be unavailable after July 15th.

In our SoulCalibur VI review, Dom wrote:

SoulCalibur VI is a fantastic looking entry in the series, but beyond that feels like something of a missed opportunity. The core combat remains as vibrant, weighty and enjoyable as ever, but the Reversal Edge adds in an element of chance that feels at odds with what most fighting games set out to achieve. The two interminably dull story modes don’t help either, with players left to rely on the the straightforward arcade and online modes for their kicks.

Meanwhile, for our Fallout 76: Wastelanders review Jason wrote:

“Despite the addition of NPCs and a load of new content, Fallout 76: Wastelanders is still just a painfully average Fallout game. That’s not to say that things aren’t better for the update, because the game at least feels like it’s moving in the right direction, but it’s building on top of the still rickety foundations of the original release. Ironically, things might be simpler if they simply nuked the game and started again, but you’ve got to respect the hustle.”
Recently, Fallout 76 had a big change as Seasons went live for the game, overhauling the challenge system found in the game. You can get details of that here.
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