Surreal narrative adventure Where the Heart Is comes to PS4 this winter

The next game coming from Armature Studio is the surreal narrative adventure of Where the Heart Is, coming to PlayStation 4 in winter 2020.


The game follows Whit Anderson as he tumbles his way down a sinkhole that emerges on his family farm, replaying moments of his life through dreamlike vignettes. Through this, you’ll explore the choices that he made along the way, giving him the opportunity to make different choices and the consequences of his actions.

The game was conceived by Armatur co-founder Todd Keller, who’s also directing the project, and being co-top dog at the company has snagged several experienced industry veterans from the studio to work alongside him, including Beth Foster (senior artist for Metroid Prime, on which Todd was lead artist) and Scott Eaton (art manager for God of War).

There’s no doubt going to be some introspection and autobiographical inspirations to the story, which will be fascinating to explore. Additionally, it’s being designed as a slower burn than the action games that Armature have more typically worked on. Aware of the reading-heavy nature of the storytelling, Keller explains, “There is a lot of reading throughout the experience, but the pacing can be your own. The game can be saved at any point, picked up and put down like a well worn book.”

We look forward to hearing more about the game soon.

Source: PS Blog, press release

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