Over 60 demos will be released as part of the Xbox Summer Game Fest

Microsoft have announced that more than sixty games will be getting demos as part of the Summer Games Fest Demo Event which will be live on Xbox One from July 21st to July 27th. However, these won’t be the normal type of demos that get released to promote games, here’s more from Microsoft.

  • These are not normal “game demos.” Typically, the demos you see in our Demo channel are created after the game is completed (or nearly completed) and represent the final version. Many of these demos are early, and some are for games that won’t be out for quite some time. We’ve never done this before; what that means is that you’ll get to experience these games early – some way early – which is awesome, but you should also note that these games will continue to evolve and be polished as they near release. In other words, think of these as akin to “show floor demos” and not necessarily indicative of the final product. And speaking as somebody who has worked in the industry for a while – that’s not a bad thing! In fact, being able to check out games early and then see how they evolve is freakin’ awesome!
  • These demos will only be up on the Xbox Dashboard for a week. Some might be re-published to the Demo channel later, but many will simply evaporate at the end of the week, so make sure to check them out while you can.
  • The developers would love to hear what you think. Hit them up on social media or through their websites. If you like the game – tell them! If you have constructive criticism, they would love to hear that too.

Games include Cris Tales, Destroy All Humans!, Haven, Hellpoint, Skatebird, Raji: An Ancient Epic, Welcome to Elk, and The Vale: Shadow of the Crown.

Source: Xbox.com

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  1. A nice idea. But how many gamers currently on PlayStation will this win over? Very few, if any, and definitely not enough.

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