Animal Crossing Pascal guide – How to meet Pascal and collect the Mermaid DIY recipes in New Horizons

The Summer Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here, bringing with it a bunch of watery new content as you can head out and swim around in the waters surrounding your island – head here for a quick refresher on how to swim and dive in Animal Crossing.

But who’s that? A new character out in the ocean? Meet the world-famous Animal Crossing Pascal the Otter, a friendly fellow who really just wants your scallops. Pretty please?

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How to meet Animal Crossing Pascal

Pascal is the main new character added in the Summer Update – there’s also a fancily dressed Gulliver, but more about him another time. Pascal isn’t a daily vendor that you’ll have to look around for, but is instead a character that will appear and greet you whenever you find a scallop while diving for sea creatures.

As soon as you resurface with a scallop in hand, Pascal will poke his head out of the water and swim over to say hello.

Pascal will only offer to trade for one scallop per day.

What does Pascal want?

Pascal’s a simple chap; he really just wants that scallop you picked up off the ocean’s floor. It’s OK though, while he’s pretty up front about just wanting that scallop off you, he’s actually going to trade you for it.

Just remember to give the first one you catch to Blathers to help complete your museum and Critterpedia collection!

What does Pascal give you?

Pascal doesn’t give you items, but the means to make them. That’s right, the red otter has a set of mermaid-themed DIY recipes that he’ll hand over to you one at a time in exchange for those tasty scallops.

You will need to hunt around on the sea floor for pearls in order to build them and complete the full mermaid set, but Pascal will sometimes give you a pearl instead of a recipe.

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