What We Played #457 – The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima & Pokémon

It’s been a relatively subdued week in video games, as the fallout from the flood of Me Too allegations over the last fortnight has continued to be felt. The positive from all of this is that it does actually feel like change is coming, with companies standing up for what’s right.

As for actual gaming… well, I’ve been slowly chipping away at The Last of Us Part II, just taking my time. Alongside that, I can’t really say much about what else I’ve been playing. Maybe I can let you in on that next week? Hmm?

Someone who can say what he’s been playing is Aran, who’s now permitted to reveal that he’s reviewing Ghost of Tsushima. If he wanted to, he’d also be allowed to show you the menu screen. If you want more than that, you’ll just have to wait!

Jake popped by to say that he’s gone all the way back to 1996 to play Pokémon Blue on his custom backlit Game Boy Color! This became a source of envy for Nic.

Nic was also envious of having time to actually play video games. “I snuck an hour here and there into TLOU2 and Magic Arena, but real life is somehow managing to get in the way again.”

It was more of the “incredible” Control for Steve, who’s biding his time waiting for his PC upgrade parts to turn up. He also downloaded Medievil for gaming with his kids.

Another non-gamer has been Nick, who’s been “playing” something called Getting Ready To Move House. He called it “an interesting, stressful and expensive experience.”

Drea had her hands full managing a café in Pokémon Café Mix (convincing Steve to download the game), while Tom was reviewing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, and Jason got his hands on a preview build of the upcoming Soulslike Mortal Shell.

And finally for quite a quiet week, Dom has been carrying on with his adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor, while also dabbling with Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Oh, and he’s been playing some Wave Break and Crayta on Stadia.

Now then, what have you been playing this past week?

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  1. More TLOU2 for me, i thought i’d be in a position to judge the new protaganist by now but i’m almost 20 hours in and haven’t seen them since early on in the game. All i can say in the meantime is that the game is awesome in every way.

    • I was aware of switching to the other character later but I’d forgotten all about it, the tense hours of creeping around WLF soldiers and creepy clickers has kept me so engrossed! I really love Dina and Ellie’s devotion to teamwork, aside from some flirty banter their absolute focus on the mission works really well. Their moments of dialogue are also very nicely done but the pinnacle of the game (so far) and my favourite gaming moment since taking down my first Thunderjaw was Ellie’s Take On Me. It was just beautiful, please tell me she does more :)

      • The guitar scenes are cool, Joe’s ‘If i ever were to lose you’ got me in the feels, remembering how the first game started. Really neat how you can ‘play’ the guitar to a certain extent too.

  2. Got the Platinum for Metro Exodus. Fun game that and different from the other two.
    Played Fifa alot and still on Fifa as I am one trophy away from the Platinum (its a grindfest!)
    Also been invited to Fifa 20 VIP Club from Playstation which is a competition that runs from July until September and they sent email of the 3 trophy challenges per month and the prizes are great for a Winner aswell as 4x Runners Up. Then the big prize for getting all 9 trophies.
    Safe to say I got this xD…. I hope!

  3. Plenty more RDR2 again, still. I think my maximum dishonour took a bit of a hit when there was an incident with Bob the Horse and another player. Just trotting along, not really paying attention, smashed straight into the other player and his horse on a narrow bridge. Somehow we both lived, but the horses sadly didn’t make it. But for some reason, it didn’t end in someone getting shot in the face. I revived Bob. And then the other horse. Both nodded politely at each other and happily went our separate ways.

    At which point I crashed into a fence. I think Bob the Horse hates me.

    Plus a bit more NFS:Heat. Slowly getting to level 50 and running over endless neon flamingos on the way.

    And since it was on sale for a couple of quid, Bloody Zombies. Which would be a reasonable side-scrolling zombie punching thing. But somehow it really works well in VR. You don’t always have to be right in the game for VR to add something.

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