Sci-fi fantasy RPG Hellpoint will be released at the end of July

TinyBuild and Cradle Games have confirmed that Hellpoint, the dark sci-fi action RPG with Souls like gameplay, will be released on July 30th for PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox One. To mark this release announcement a brand new trailer shows the co-op element of Hellpoint. The game will also feature a PvP aspect as well. In Hellpoint players will face off against demonic creatures and cosmic gods as they unravel the story aboard the Irid Novo, an abandoned space station.


The space station will change slightly every time you die, so you will not be able to predict what you will face when you respawn. Hellpoint’s blurb reads:

Hellpoint is a dark sci fi action RPG set in the aftermath of a massive quantum cataclysm. Every living being quickly lost their mind as their memories and bodies were merged with alternate versions of themselves from parallel universes. The accident also attracted entities of immense power that should have been left alone, in the depth of other dimensions.

You play as a mysterious nameless character whose intentions are entirely determined by your choices. You wake up in the derelict Irid Novo space station, in orbit around a super-massive black hole. In the game, the space station orbits in real time around the ominous black hole. Its position in the sky directly impacts the sanity of the inhabitants of the station. The singularity is doing more than simply distorting the fabric of space and time; based on the time of the orbit, enemies in the levels get crazier or struck by fear, unknown entities roam the corridors and dozens of other mysterious events can occur.

Hellpoint was first announced back in 2018 and was originally expected to release in 2019, but there were some delays. At least there is not long to wait now.

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