Minimalist RTS Death Crown will release on console this November

The CO5MONAUT and Stas Pisarev developed minimalist RTS Death Crown will be released on consoles, confirmed an announcement. The consoles will be PS4, Xbox One, and Switch with the release date set for November 12th. Death Crown was released for PC last August. In this RTS you are not playing  just as a Kingdom but also as Death. You control Death’s legions to punish humanity when it oversteps its boundaries.

Death Crown’s console release will be the full package as it will include the Era of Human and Demonic Menace DLCs alongside the main game. There are three playable campaigns with different factions including the already mentioned Death faction, the humans, and the demons. There are more than 90 maps to conquer altogether, with 20 scenarios per faction. Across the campaigns players will also face off against 12 bosses.

The game’s rules are described as follows:

The rules could not be simpler. You must destroy the enemy fortress, and to do so you must generate resources (by building mines, or mills, depending on the faction), troops that you will throw against your opponent and towers that will serve to defend your positions and conquer more ground on the map.

Once the campaign is completed you can try out the Domination Mode. In this mode, players can climb up rankings while tackling 30 missions. The catch is that the player only has three lives in which to complete all of the missions. Lose all of your lives and you will lose all progress, which means you will have to start again. Death Crown also has a local multiplayer mode where players can either work together, or face off in a versus mode.

Source: Press Release

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