Nacon announce motorbike racing game RiMS Racing, coming Summer 2021

Nacon and RaceWard Studio have announced a new simulation motorcycle racing game RiMS Racing.

There’s little to really know about the game right now, with no trailer or target platforms to go with the announcement, but it’s planned for release in Summer 2021, so will almost certainly be gearing up for next-gen consoles.


Having been acquired by Nacon in late 2019, they’ve adopted the game engine create and used by Kylotonn for the WRC series of rallying games. From there, RaceWard have been able to immediately give RiMS Racing the foundations of a simulation game, but they also hope to make the game accessible to newcomers with an easier mode.

There will be a mixture of famous roads to ride along and real race circuits, on which you’ll be able to take licensed bikes.

There will be both a single player career, with team management a part of that, and online multiplayer.

Honestly, there’s not much to go on a moment, but hopefully RaceWard are able to show some actual content from their game soon.

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