Supermarket Shriek will makes its way to PS4, Switch, PC this year

PQube has confirmed that it will be releasing Billy Goat Entertainment’s Supermarket Shriek on PS4, Switch, and PC later this year. The game was originally released last year for Xbox One. In Supermarket Shriek you race a shopping trolley around supermarkets while a man and a goat sit in the trolley and scream. These screams are functional as when  the man screams, the cart turns left, when the goat screams, the cart goes right. Both need to scream if you want to go straight. This duo will have to navigate obstacles, challenges, and dangers across stores that would surely be shut down for being a public danger.


Supermarket Shriek’s features include:

  • Story Mode with 38 whacky stages, can be played alone or with a friend in Co-Op!
  • Unique Co-Op “Duet Mode”, where you (and a friend) can literally shriek your way to glory bycontrolling the action using a microphone (Steam/PS4 only)
  • 3 chaotic PvP Party Modes for between 2 to 4 players

Stefan played some Supermarket Shriek, and he wrote:

It’s a lot of silly, nonsensical fun trying to beat the various times and scores to hit the three star rating, with several different game types that might have you going on a Supermarket Sweep-style collect-a-thon, have you race against a little RC car, or knocking over stereotypical towers of beans, gradually covering man and goat in a tomato sauce. The masochistic can try and get a fourth star on each shop by beating secret dev times and scores, but if you just want to cut loose with a bit of social screaming, there’s always the party modes that mix things up with different shared screen game modes.

I think what’s most surprising isn’t that Supermarket Shriek is a good bit of fun, it’s more that there’s so much variety stuffed in a game about a man and a goat screaming their way through supermarkets.

You can read his impressions here.

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