What We Played #458 – Ghost of Tsushima, Paper Mario & Destiny 2

Another week has raced by into the rear view mirrors, but not for being supremely busy. Instead it feels like we’re in the eye of the storm.

June’s bonanza of E3 replacements is now long behind us, the glow of the PlayStation 5 reveal fading a little, but now we’ve got the prospect of Ubisoft Forward and Devolver Direct this weekend, before all eyes turn to the Xbox Games Showcase on 23rd July for Microsoft to show off Halo Infinite and everything else they’ve been working on.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t games coming out right now. I’ve personally been reviewing both Paper Mario: The Origami King, with its puzzling twist on the series’ active RPG battling, and I’ve made a start on Beyond a Steel Sky, returning to Revolution’s classic point & click adventure world. You can expect my reviews of both next week.

Keeping his review slate a fair bit cleaner, Aran has been reviewing Ghost of Tsushima, and just Ghost of Tsushima. Similarly focused was Nic, who’s passed the 20 hour mark in The Last of Us Part II. Not too much further to go!

Dom has had a very busy and rather stressful week, but when he has been able to get away from real life, he’s been playing Orcs Must Die! 3, Let’s Go Pikachu and The Legend of Zelda: The Claymation One.

Grabbing the platinum trophies for Control and Medievil, Steve has now moved on to Rise of the Tomb Raider, and said “it’s pretty good”. He’s also had fun this past week upgrading his PC with a new motherboard, RAM and Ryzen 3600 CPU.

Jim has been juggling a few games this week, but not the big budget bangers he’s typically playing. He’s been enjoying Dontnod’s Vampyr, “despite a fair amount of clunk”, and chilling out with Hardspace: Shipbreaker, but mainly been playing Risk of Rain 2, which is up there as one of the “top three favourite games I’ve played this year.” High praise indeed!

Jake’s been dipping into a diverse set of games, playing Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Pokémon Shield, Halo 5 and Destiny 2. Meanwhile it was D&D for Tuffcub. That’s right, Destiny 2 & Darius.

When not wistfully scrolling through the Steam sale, Jason played a lot of Rocket League and Streets of Rogue – not rage. He’s still patiently waiting for his youngling to grow enough so that he can savour the same experience that Ade enjoyed this week.

Ade and his son finished their first video game together, playing through Lego: Ninjago. You can practically hear him beaming as he wrote, “The game was average but the experience was anything but – very special!”

Finally, Miguel’s regular check-ins on Apex Legends, Animal Crossing and Fortnite were joined by some dabbling with Muse Dash and a return to Tekken 7.

Now then, what have you played this week?

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  1. Played alot of game! Finally got Fifa 20 Plat after 800 or so matches of Volta. Then Luck came along with DiRT Rally 2 0 when I finally did the daily challenge with this stupid Audo Sport quattro S1 E2 vehicle. I hated that car!
    Borrowed Daymare 1998 from my mate who said this was a rip off from RE2 so had to see it myself. Controls were clunky. Completed it 3x for the Plat and I loved the movie poster mock ups such as P.A.L.S or Die Soft xD will stick to RE franchise. Lastly I have just nabbed a 4th Platinum this week which was Assassin’s Creed Liberation Remastered 😎
    I think this weekend I will either play AC III Remastered or The Prey.

  2. Still playing TLOU2 – only got one play session in this week but i’m now experiencing the new character’s story and i have to say, there seems to be an over reliance on using flashback as a story-telling mechanic. You play a sequence where you have no choice, then later on you play another sequence that informs you why that previous sequence was “okay”/”not okay”. I wouldn’t mind if it happened once, even twice but flashback seems to be the axis that the story was built around. An option to playthrough everything chronologically after completing the game once would be neat. That’s just the story-telling though, the game mechanics are sound – except for the dodge manouevre, which without an enemy lock-on often results in you stepping behind the enemy and facing the wrong way, not good when you are forced into a melee situation with several enemies at once. I’ve died more times because of that that anything else so far.
    Playing as the new character now, 25 hours in and i’m gradually revealing the motivation behind them and so far i still haven’t warmed to this person, despite the revelations. I don’t feel the same connection to, or empathy with this character like i had with Ellie and Joel. Even more disappointingly, the revelations so far are not redeeming this character like i was hoping for – quite the opposite in fact. But there is still more of the story to be revealed yet so i’m still hopeful and on the plus side the action has ramped up considerably at this stage.

    • More TLOU for me too. I hadn’t thought of the flashbacks as restrictive, the game is so cinematic that I feel okay with the funnelled experience to be honest. I haven’t switched back to the new character yet, from where I am I’m struggling to see her relevance (beyond the obvious initial event), but I’m keen to find out more. It’s strange to know there’s so much of her in the game, a very weird idea, I hope it pans out!

      • I can’t help but wonder if we would feel more empathy for the new character if her story was established before running into Joel and Ellie. I mean, ND have certainly provided the explanation for the character’s motivation but my perception is already coloured by what i experienced first with her so it’s sorta sliding past whatever it is in my brain that assesses those things.

    • I’m also still playing TLOU2, taking my time with it, as I don’t have too much playtime these days. I just made it out of the underground section, and that was quite intense. I like it a lot this far.
      What I find surprising is that it’s still doable for me on the highest difficulty. I expected I’d need to switch back to an easier mode very soon, but this far I’m ok.

      • I went in on whatever the default setting is, it’s been quite manageable a lot of the way and has allowed me to get through the story without impedence, while leaving me the option of a more challenging 2nd or 3rd playthrough. Where i am now though has become quite challenging (plus i keep activating photo mode in the panic) so i’m glad i didn’t jump straight into survivor mode.

  3. More pottering about on Bob the Horse in RDR. Realised why I shoot anyone complimenting him. I just assume “nice house” is about to be followed by a threatening “shame if anything happened to him”. Either that or I think they’re Horse molesters.

    Got to level 50 and finished off the story in NFS:Heat. Decided against collecting all the flamingos.

    Then have Erica from PS+ a go. Quite enjoyed it and might have another go to see what happens.

    And now I’ve finally got a weekend away for the first time since March.

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