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While Jin Sakai is a Samurai at heart the events of Ghost of Tsushima sees him turning to other means to save Tsushima from the Mongol invasion. He has to turn away from the Samurai honour code and become the Ghost, which means using stealth tactics against enemies, as well as what some in his order would consider dishonourable.

The Ghost Techniques are divided into two categories and those are Ghost Weapons and Evolving Tactics. Ghost Weapons allow Jin to strike from the shadows and turn the tide in his favour if the enemy numbers get too much. The Evolving Tactics enhance Jin’s abilities to give allow him to survey an area and reduce enemy numbers before a fight kicks off.

Most of these techniques will cost points to unlock though some, like Ghost Stance, are linked to story progression.

Ghost Weapons

  • Kunai – Small blades that can be quickly thrown at nearby enemies to stagger them. R2 and Left to equip. Left analog and R1 to thow.
    • First upgrade – Hidden blade. Throw 1 additional Kunai.
    • Second upgrade – Serrated Blades – Kunai inflict twice as much damage.
  • Black Powder Bomb – Thrown explosive that damages and staggers enemies. L2 and Left to select Throw. L2 and Circle to equip bomb. L2 and R2 to throw.
    • First upgrade – Concussive Blast. Knocks down enemies struck by the shockwave of the bomb.
    • Second upgrade – Explosive Shrapnel. Adds shrapnel to the bomb increasing damage and blast radius.
  • Smoke Bomb – Unleash a dense cloud of smoke causing enemies to lose sight of you. R2 and Down to equip. R1 to throw.
    • First upgrade – Blinding Dust. Smoke bombs temporarily blind enemies caught in the blast, and smoke lasts longer.
    • Second upgrade – Healing Incense. Smoke bomb fumes restore some of your health.
  • Sticky Bomb – Throw a pitch covered bomb that will stick to your enemy. R2 and Up to equip. Left analog and R1 to throw.
    • First upgrade – Guarded Throw. You are no longer adversely affected by a bomb’s blast.
    • Second upgrade – Explosive Powder. A direct hit with a sticky bomb kills the target, causes a bigger blast radius, and inflicts more damage on enemies caught in the blast.

Evolving Tactics

  • Recover Health. Regain a moderate amount of health at the cost of 1 resolve.
    • Upgrade – Iron Will. Save yourself from defeat when wounded by using 2 resolve to revive.
  • Standoff – Challenge enemies to a one on one showdown. Press Up to challenge unaware enemies. Hold Triangle then release when enemy attacks. Restores 3 Resolve if successful.
    • First upgrade – Standoff Streak. After a successful standoff one enemy will rush in and open themselves to a killing blow. Grants extra resolve on success.
    • Second upgrade – Improved Standoff Streak. After a successful standoff two enemies will rush in and open themselves up to a killing blow. Grants extra resolve on success.
  • Archery – Harness the Way of the Bow. L2 to aim and R2 to fire.
    • First upgrade – Concentration. Briefly slow time when aiming to improve accuracy. Press R3 to activate.
    • Second upgrade – Mental Fortitude. Reduce Concentration cooldown by 15%.
    • Third upgrade – Improved Mental Fortitude. Reduce Concentration cooldown by 30%.
  • Assassination – Kill unaware enemies with a quiet and brutal stealth attack. Press Square near or above unaware enemies.
    • First upgrade – Safe Landing. Roll just before landing to avoid damage from all but the highest of falls. Press Circle right before landing.
    • Second upgrade – Chain Assassination. Assassinate two nearby targets in quick succession. Press Triangle to initiate.
    • Third upgrade – Chain Assassination Master. Assassinate up to three nearby enemies in quick succession. Press Triangle to initiate.
  • Focused Hearing – Detect nearby enemies by sound. Press Touchpad to focus
    • First upgrade – Far Hearing. Detect more distant enemies by listening with deeper focus.
    • Second upgrade – Stealth hearing. Move faster while Focused Hearing.
    • Third upgrade – Killer’s Instinct. Notice a flashing aura around Assassination targets when their allies will be alerted by their deaths.
  • Shoji Assassination – Assassinate an enemy behind a shoji door. Press Square near an unaware enemy.
  • Ghost Stance – Approach enemy leaders while in stealth to Slaughter them and enter Ghost Stance. Once in Ghost Stance you can kill up to three enemies with deadly strikes.
    • Ghost Kill Streak – Kill 7 enemies without taking damage to enter Ghost Stance.

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