Ghost of Tsushima grappling hook – Where to get this excellent tool

In Ghost of Tsushima one of Jin’s key tools against the Mongol forces is the grappling hook. It is best used when going for a stealth approach against enemies in their encampments. However, Jin does not have access to the grappling hook straight away and you will have to put a bit of time into getting it.

The Ghost of Tsushima grappling hook is linked to the main quest progression and will be unlocked close to the end of Act One.

The quests that you need to complete in order to get the grappling hook are:

  • The Warriors Code
  • The Broken Blacksmith
  • Hammer and Forge
  • Blood On The Grass
  • The Tale of Ryuzo
  • The Iron Hook

The quests will begin Jin’s journey as the Ghost with some of the missions requiring him to apply stealth tactics by sneaking past enemy guards and tailing targets of interest. It is later on in this questline that you will then have the option to choose to go in as a Samurai and fight enemies head on or adopt the Ghost persona and sneak around taking out enemies.

Can you use the Ghost of Tsushima grappling hook anywhere?

The grappling hook is a useful tool to navigate the world of Ghost of Tsushima. Unfortunately, though you cannot use Jin’s grappling hook everywhere in the game. Usage of the grappling hook is limited to places that are specifically marked. These include certain cliff faces, buildings, and shrines. Not all of Tsushima is explorable without the hook as some of the Shinto Shrines will require the grappling hook in order to navigate their paths, especially the ones found in later acts due to the paths to them having been destroyed by the invaders of Tsushima.

Using the grappling hook is generally quite simple. When making a jump an R2 prompt with the hook icon will appear if there are any available points on which to hook on to. Just be careful as timing is everything and being a split second too late will have Jin falling to his death.

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