Next week’s Xbox Games Showcase is “just games”, no new hardware, Xbox One X discontinued

There is plenty of evidence that Microsoft planning to release two consoles this winter, the previously revealed Xbox Series X and also what is currently known as Xbox Lockhart, a cheaper, lower powered version of the Series X. Rumours suggested that the second console would be part of next Thursday’s Xbox Games Showcase but that has been shot down by Xbox General Manager of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg.

“I know everyone is excited for Xbox Games Showcase next Thursday,” Greenberg Tweeted. “Seen some wild expectations so if helpful this show has one focus, games. No business, devices or similar news, just games. A whole show about hour long focused on games. Hope you enjoy it!”


After the first Xbox Series X gameplay reveal Microsoft were heavily criticised for not showing any gameplay. “Clearly we set some wrong expectations and that’s on us,” commented Greenberg at the time, “We appreciate all the feedback and can assure you we will take it all in and learn as a team.”

The Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled for July 23rd at 5.00pm BST.

In related news, it looks like Microsoft have stopped production of two current consoles. The original disc based Xbox One is sold out in most stores and is marked as discontinued on Amazon, the Microsoft Store and other retailers. The Xbox One Series X is also out of and also seems to be discontinued, leaving just the Xbox One S available globally. Press Start report that they have “confirmed with both EB Games and JB Hi-Fi that they’re not expecting more stock of the console with the console being deleted from their systems.”

However, here in the UK all models seems to be available so if you were thinking of grabbing an Xbox One now might be the time.

UPDATE: “As we ramp into the future with Xbox Series X, we’re taking the natural step of stopping production on Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold globally,” said Microsoft in a statement to The Verge.

Source: PressStart / Gi.Biz / Vg247

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  1. “The Xbox One Series X”

    And some people think the next gen naming isn’t confusing.

    • It makes you wonder what sorts of people MS have in their think tanks/focus groups!

      • I’m starting to think they’re quite clever, in an odd way. It’s almost as if they’ve realised, after 3 attempts, that they’re not going to sell more consoles than Sony, but they’ve also realised that doesn’t really matter. Sell enough to make some money, and just go for a single brand for gaming that covers current, next gen, PC and streaming. The confusing names are just part of that.

        It’s sort of like they’ve done with Windows. Confuse things by jumping from 8 to 10, and effectively saying “That’s it. It’s finished now. The final version. Anyone for some updates?”

        We’ll see over the next few years. Will the XBox turn into basically a cheap PC? They clearly want you to be able to run your XBox games on anything, including phones and PCs. Will it work the other way? The XBox running PC games? Could end up with Sony’s big exclusives coming to PC (with the inevitable moaning from some idiots) and then end up running on the XBox because it’s really just a PC.

        The hard part is staying relevant while it happens. Announcing lots of sales of XBoxes would be one way to do that. By including current and next gen hardware in the same count. Or announcing vague numbers of users that include current, next gen, and PC or streaming as well.

        So yeah, it’s a stupid, confusing naming scheme, but it’s probably deliberately so.

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