What We Played #459 – Ghost of Tsushima, Superhot & Paper Mario: The Origami King

As the UK opens up bit by bit, it feels as though I’ve been playing fewer games these past two weeks. That is almost certainly because I’m no longer on furlough, but there’s been fewer games on my plate too. I’ve been playing Orcs Must Die! 3 and F1 2020 on Stadia, and that’s about it, but I’m sure this next week will give me a bit more time to return to ESO.

Aran has been playing the lovely-looking Ghost of Tsushima, saying that it’s a “very good game that had a few issues”, and you can find out more in his 8/10 review. Meanwhile, Reu has been playing a lot of Hades, “which is a phenomenal game that I honestly knew I should have picked up sooner than I did”. He’s also started Ys I on the Ys I+II Chronicles on Steam, saying it “has one of the most jarring combat systems I’ve ever experienced”.

Jim has had a busy week away from the controller; “This week I’ve mostly been playing Moving Out, but the real-life version which is way, way less fun.”

He continued, “There have been two games keeping me sane, the first of which is Risk of Rain 2. Without playing the original, if I had to describe it in a pinch I would say Risk of Rain 2 is like someone took The Binding of Isaac and made it into a third person shooter. It’s a superb roguelike that has kept me going for hours as I slowly edge towards the platinum trophy.

“I also picked up a copy of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. It’s a shame we haven’t seen Capcom return to this weird RPG as there’s plenty there for a brilliant sequel. Dashes of Skyrim, Monster Hunter, and Dark Souls with a few of its own unique systems and mechanics. If Ghost of Tsushima hadn’t just popped through the letter box I’d have continued playing Dragon’s Dogma for the foreseeable future.”

Tuffcub surprises no one with the fact he’s played Destiny 2. At least it’s a fairly good game again, otherwise I’d be starting to worry about him.

Sadly Nic B has been feeling under the weather – and sewing himself a face mask – so he’s not actually played much of anything. Hopefully he’ll be back to full strength again next week! Jake meanwhile has been tackling his backlog, but also completed The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, and took some photos in The Last of Us: Part II.

Steve has played Maid of Sker for review (dropping on the 28th) and Metamorphosis for preview. In his own time he finished Rise of the Tomb Raider and made a decent start on The Outer Worlds in an attempt to wrest back control of his hard drive; “The former was decent open world action with what felt like a lot less gratuitous killing than the first reboot whilst the latter is shaping up to be a good Fallout game”.

Jason has been playing more Rocket League, Streets of Rogue, Vermintide 2, and Heroes of Hammerwatch, while Gareth mostly played Superhot Mind Control Delete this week, saying it’s “great but a bit buggy”. He’s also played some TLOU2 in New Game + because he can’t get enough of the combat, adding “it could do with horde mode or something”.

Trying to cut back on the usual Battle Pass chore, Miguel has been stepping away from Fortnite and Apex Legends. Instead he’s mostly just been playing Animal Crossing and some fun story games like Necrobarista, though he also checked out Master Chief on a new platform; “I also hopped onto Halo 3 with some pals and was just absolutely OVERWHELMED with nostalgia. I can’t wait to play more.”

Finally, Tef has largely spent the last week playing Paper Mario: The Origami King, which he compared to the snack table at a party, and Beyond a Steel Sky, which was disappointingly quite ropey, but still tells a decent dystopian tale.

Now then, what have you been playing this past week?

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  1. Completed Assassin’s Creed III Remastered. Not got the Platinum yet as I was desperately to play Ghost of Tsushima and oh my gawd! The game is stunning and I have spent more time on photomode than playing the game itself 😂
    Loving the animation photo mode! All games should have that!
    That is my weekend sorted ACIII Platinum will have to wait!

  2. More The Last of Us for me, I’ve just started the second half, it’s weird how smooth the transition is despite being… well, different. Still great though and a nice excuse to change from stealth to 100% brute force! Until I run out of ammo haha.

  3. Not played that much, as I fell ill with a flu or something, and the only thing I managed to do was watching some Fear of the Walking Dead season 5 parts… Had my first Corona test today, wonder how that went…
    And will return to TLOU2 tonight, as I feel a little better.

  4. Quite a bit of “Adventures in failing to jump a small fence because I’m an arsehole, starring Bob the Horse”. Or RDR2 if you must.

    Another go at Erica. Might need a few more goes to get all the trophies, but that’s a “come back to it in a few weeks or months and see what happens” thing. It did all go a lot different the second time, although there’s one bit where it obviously forces you back on track early on.

    Then I got annoyed with NFS:Heat. All those collectibles? The flamingos and billboards to smash? Which are tied to several trophies? They don’t all show up on the map. Unless you pay actual real money, you’ve got to hunt them down yourself, and some are stupidly well hidden. So fuck you, EA. At least I’ve got some disc space back now.

    I think it might be a weekend of No Man’s Sky now though, with that new update.

  5. Nothing yet this week as i caught up with family and friends i hadn’t seen since before the lockdown. I fancy checking out the new freighter “dungeons” in NMS tonight though, before returning to TLOU2 on Sat/Sun.

  6. Paper Mario arrived today, but only had a chance to play the first half hour. Seems good though so far. I’ve never played a Paper Mario game before, so had no idea what to expect.

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