Cris Tales demo lands on PS4, Switch & Xbox One to celebrate Colombian Independence Day

Cris Tales, Modus Games’ love letter to classic JRPGs will be coming out for for PS4, Switch, Xbox One and PC on 17th November, but if you can’t wait to play the game, you can now check it out on consoles with a demo to download.


The game has already featured in the Steam Summer Game Festival, alongside hundreds of other games, but now console players can sample this JRPG journey for themselves.

The game follows Crisbell, using their ability to see the past, present and future all at once. The game is heavily inspired by Colombia – the demo’s release is actually landing on Colombian Independence Day to celebrate the architecture, culture and character design that they’ve infused the game with.

As well as some of the main story, the new demo also features the Colosseum mode, where you take on eight waves of battles alongside Wilhelm, leading up to a mini-boss fight. The mode will be larger and more expansive in the full release.

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