Superhot: Mind Control Delete forces you to keep your PC/PS4 on for 8 hours after completion to replay

In one of the most baffling narrative decisions ever made the latest instalment in the Superhot franchise, Mind Control Delete, forces players to wait eight hours after they complete the game before they can play it again.

It’s part of the story, which we won’t spoil, but it’s very silly as it requires you to keep your PC on and the game running. Shut down your PC or the game and the timer resets back to eight hours.


“You have to leave the game open for EIGHT HOURS and there is NO way around it, what were you thinking devs? nobody likes this part of the game, were you worried people would somehow finish before two hours and refund the game or something? this is absolutely ridiculous for you to of put in the game,” reads one review on Steam.

“This is not a joke. I left for the weekend, I come back. Yeah, you need to LEAVE THE GAME RUNNING FOR 8 HOURS to be able to play again, while listening to some chite rap.In 30 years of gaming this is the biggest FYou I have ever seen,” reads another.

“A pretentious and quite narcissistic artificial wait time,” and “The devs actively punish you for beating the game,” are other comments.

As a narrative decision it’s silly, but from an ecological position this is ridiculous, forcing players to leave their PCs on for eight hours consuming power for no reason is ridiculous. Comments suggest the PlayStation 4 version of the game also requires you to leave the game running for eight hours to replay as well, we are trying to confirm this.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete was given away free to owners of Superhot, but can be purchased as a stand alone game.

“Superhot: Mind Control Delete takes the action puzzles of the original game and throws a wealth of new abilities and weapons into more randomised levels,” said Gareth in his review.

Source: Steam

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  1. So an 8 hour unskippable scene at the end of the game? Was Hideo Kojima involved in this??

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