Further reports of racist, sexist, and homophobic behaviour at Ubisoft emerge

Bloomberg have published a new report about the ongoing investigation into racist, sexist, and homophobic behaviour at Ubisoft and it is not a pleasant read. In fact some of it is downright sickening. Please be warned that you may find some of the quotes below upsetting.

Jason Schreier reports that Ubisoft’s Paris headquarters was more like a “frat house” with staff openly being racist and misogynist with “inappropriate touching or other sexual advances”. One employee who complained received a gift card as compensation.


Former chief creative officer Serge Hascoët is described much like a petulant child, “he would bang his head against the table, a sign that he was bored,” and growling during meetings or at people he passed. It is said he held meetings in strip clubs and promoted those who joined him above those who did not attend, notably women. He has also been accused of giving staff marijuana-laced cakes without informing them of the contents.

I am just going to quote the Bloomberg article for the next section as it so awful:

In 2015 a group of staff in Sofia, Bulgaria, were watching a trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens featuring the actor John Boyega, who’s Black. “People just collectively went, ‘Hey, look, it’s a monkey,’” says Fey Vercuiel, a former designer on the team.

The Toronto office run by Maxime Béland, was no better with multiple accusations of sexual harassment against Béland and one report of him choking an employee. Bloomberg also report of homophobic jokes, unwanted massages, sexually explicit messages including pornographic videos, and genital grabbing.

There’s a lot more in the Bloomberg report, you can read that here, but please be warned it is not an easy read.

Since the allegations emerged Serge Hascoët, Maxime Béland, and other top Ubisoft staff have been suspended and/or resigned, while Ubisoft have promised to change. However, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot notably did not address the allegations or how the company are now acting upon them during the Ubisoft Forward stream earlier this month.

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. Just bloody grow up and treat people with the same respect they give you. Morons.

  2. Ouch. I bought quite a few of their games in the past years, which I feel I shouldn’t have, reading all this now. And given this never really made it public, together with Gamergate, shows the problem is so much bigger than just Ubisoft.
    I very much hope this really changes now, and not only at the surface of public statements, and Yves Guillemot doesn’t let everyone down again.

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