“Watch this space” on self-published Dreams games, says Media Molecule

With the almost boundless potential we’ve seen from the community creating experiences, levels and games within Dreams, one of the ideas floated in the run up to the game’s full launch earlier this year was that some of these games could be self-published. In other words, that they’d be released (and maybe even sold) outside of Dreams.


That was back in February, when Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healey called the idea “a minefield” but one that they were certainly looking at, but as we recently spoke with another of the Mm co-founders, David Smith, we wondered if there had been any progress or change.

TSA: Have you looked any further into letting creators publish their Dreams outside of the game? I know that was suggested at one point, but then said you’d have to look into it later on. It could be an interesting way to promote or be an ambassador for the wider community and the wider game.

David Smith: I think that’s an exciting idea, and it’s something that has been talked about, but in terms of future plans, I can’t say or commit to anything. I get where you’re coming from and it’s… “no comment.” [laughs]

TSA: [laughs] That’s fine. No comment… for now?

David: For now, for now… Watch this space.

Yes, it was a bit like when one parent says no, so you go and ask the other one for permission instead! In this case, both said no, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep wondering and asking!

Our opportunity to speak to David came with the launch of the Dreams VR update just around the corner. Tomorrow, in fact, on Wednesday 22nd July! Head here for our full interview.

The Dreams VR update brings the long-promised support for PlayStation VR to the game, allowing creators to craft bespoke VR experiences, ensure that their current levels are compatible, and explore new creation tools to support creating first person shooters better than ever before.

In our Dreams review, Jim wrote:

Taking Media Molecule’s creative ethos to new heights, Dreams is a PlayStation essential. Booting the game up each time and having no idea what awaits is an intoxicating feeling. A remedy, forcing me from the rut of my predictable gaming habits to explore an inner creativity I’m often too lazy or wound up to let free.

Dreams’ VR update seems set to enhance that package even further. Who’s planning to pop on a fancy hat tomorrow, then?

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