Yakuza: Like a Dragon – release date leaks, PS5 version confirmed & English cast revealed to star George Takei

The release date for Yakuza: Like a Dragon has leaked, as pre-orders for the game go live, the PlayStation 5 release has been confirmed and the English language cast for the game has been confirmed. There’s a lot to cover in this single news story, so buckled up!

Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s release window has officially been confirmed for November across Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10, PlayStation 4 and Steam.​ However, the Microsoft Store listing reveals the exact date to be 13th November.


Speaking of which, did you just notice the absence of the PlayStation 5 up there? Sega have confirmed that the game will also be coming to Sony’s next-gen platform, which was pretty obviously going to happen given the series’ indelible links to the PlayStation consoles, but has now been officially confirmed. However, Sega have danced around when and how that will all happen.

At this point, Yakuza: Like a Dragon uses Smart Delivery for cross-generational ownership on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The game will be available for Xbox Series X on day one of the console’s release, but will be available for PlayStation 5 at a later date. There will also be an upgrade path from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, but the details of this will be announced at a later date.

Finally for this news story, the main cast of the game’s English dub has been revealed, including the legendary George Takei:

  • Kaiji Tang as Ichiban Kasuga, protagonist of the story returning from 18 years spent in prison
  • George Takei as Masumi Arakawa, patriarch of the Arakawa Family
  • Andrew Morgado as Koichi Adachi, an ex-cop on the search for truth
  • Greg Chun as Yu Nanba, downtrodden former nurse making amends with the world
  • Elizabeth Maxwell as Saeko Mukoda, a bar hostess on a mission

Set in 2019 following the events of Yakuza 6, Yakuza: Like a Dragon follows the story of Kasuga Ichiban, a member of the formidable Tojo Clan who, much like Kiryu Kazuma, takes the fall for a crime he did not commit in order to protect the honor of his clan. When Ichiban emerges from prison almost two decades later in 2019, though, he’s found that the world has changed immensely and moved on without him. Stuck as an outsider in an unfamiliar town, he gathers a crew of unlikely allies in order to find out the truth behind what happened while he was behind bars.

The game is a pretty major departure beyond just having a new lead, with new turn-based RPG encounters. Part of the reason for this switch to an RPG battle system is that Ichiban is obsessed with Dragon Quest, and the regular thugs you run into on the street will often transform into otherwordly warriors (in Ichiban’s head, at least) once battle begins.

Hopefully the game loses none of the classic quirkiness and humour that fans of the series so far have loved.

Source: press release, Microsoft

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