Check out the beautiful new Everwild trailer from the Xbox Series X games showcase

Microsoft and Rare have revealed more about the upcoming brand new IP from the studio Everwild, showcasing the game on Xbox Series X. Curiously, no other platforms were confirmed.

Everwild was first revealed at XO19 last year, revealing a rich fantasy world that could be favourably compared to Breath of the Wild, of Ori and the Blind Forest, and even Sea of Thieves itself with the art style. The team at Rare is led by Louise O’Connor, who described it by saying “Everwild will give you memorable, engaging and meaningful experiences for players everywhere to share.”

The trailer showcases that art to incredible effect, as well as featuring a beautiful, plaintive soundtrack. Everwild will give you a magical and untamed natural world to roam across and explore, coming into contact with some incredible and wondrous beasts and creatures. You take on the role of an Eternal; a being that has the ability to sense how magic flows through life and nature, connecting everything together.

Louise O’ Connor appeared briefly as part of the showcase to say how excited the team at Rare are to be working on a game like Everwild, and to thank everyone who’s already become involved in the burgeoning community that’s already appearing for the game. You can get involved by following Rare on Twitter, and keep an eye for more official news. Everwild is definitely one to watch, not only thanks to the beautiful visuals, but also coming from a storied studio like Rare who’ve been misused over the years since Microsoft’s acquisition.

That Rare are actively developing a new game doesn’t detract from the continued development and support of Sea of Thieves, Rare’s quirky multiplay pirate game. That game will continue on as a live service, with a separate team working on Everwild.

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