Forza Motorsport 8 announced – will have ray tracing and 60fps on Xbox Series X, not coming to Xbox One

After a longer than usual wait for a new entry in the series, Forza Motorsport 8 has been revealed for Xbox Series X and PC, but not Xbox One. On Xbox Series X it will feature ray tracing and 60fps gameplay.


If you were hoping to play Forza Motorsport 8 this Christmas, unfortunately we’ll have to think again. Phil Spencer described this as being “early in development”, and the above trailer was not of gameplay, but in-engine.

With the game targeting Xbox Series X and PC, dropping support for Xbox One, we can expect to see it released sometime after Microsoft’s cross-generational support window for the current gen has ended, described as being roughly the first year of launch.

The Forza series had previously alternated between sim-oriented Forza Motorsport games from Turn 10 and open world arcade Forza Horizon games by Playground Games each year, but the series took a year off in 2019. This allowed Turn 10 the time to gear up for the next generation. Forza Motorsport was the first game in the series to take advantage of 4K resolutions, launching just ahead of the Xbox One X with its eyes firmly set on that enhanced console.

In our Forza Motorsport 7 review, Dom wrote:

Forza Motorsport 7 continues the series’ march towards motoring perfection, and graphically there is simply nothing close to touching it. What’s even more remarkable is that it looks so good before we see the boost the Xbox One X will bring to both the visuals and the performance. There are some downsides to that fidelity, and on a standard Xbox One the load times suck a chunk of the fun from the experience, while the game’s internal economy also looks likely to cause problems further down the line. Having said that, this is still a masterpiece of racing software, and undoubtedly it’s set to become what its rivals in the genre will be judged against.

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  1. That’s a long wait for the Xbox’s premiere racer! At least sixteen months if MS stick to their word of no XSX exclusives.
    If Polyphony can get GT7 out for the PS5s launch or soon after it’ll be good news for Sony, and bad for MS.

    • The game will be on pc too so wouldn’t be an exclusive anyway. Most of the games announced tonight aren’t coming to the current xbox.

      • Phil Spencer (Xbox boss) said only last week that ‘all new games released by Xbox Game Studios over the next couple of years will be available and play great on XSX and Xbox One’. Either Forza isn’t going to be released for 2+ years or they’ve changed their minds in less than a week!

    • Well they said its early in development so take it whichever way suits your view.

  2. Footage captured “In Engine”. Yeah, of people in a garage and a trackside replay type view for about 49 seconds (minus the end fade out). Hardly showing much real footage esp compared to the GT 7 trailer which showed more actual driving.

    Sure it’ll be nice when it eventually comes out.

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