Grid Autosport Switch online multiplayer update lands next week

Feral Interactive has announced that the online multiplayer update for GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch will be released next week, July 30th to be exact. In addition, the online update will also add support for some of the Switch peripherals including Nintendo Labo, the HORI Pro Mini wheel, and the HORI Pro Deluxe wheel. This will be the most significant update since Feral added split screen and ad-hoc multiplayer in February.


In our Switch review, Dom said:

GRiD Autosport is the best sim racer on Switch. In part that’s due to the fact that it has zero competition, unless you’re possibly counting the dire racing experience that is Gear Club Unlimited and its sequel (and you definitely shouldn’t count or play them). That said, if this is a Codemasters not quite at their best, it’s certainly still a decent outing and it’s a great choice for serious racing fans who want a serious racer to play on the go.”

Source: Twitter

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