What We Played #460 – Destroy All Humans, Ghost of Tsushima & Carrion

Another week of vague, strange normality as people start to poke their heads out from their homes and wonder if it’s safe to come out. It’s definitely safe to stay in and play games though, so I’m trying to still do that as much as possible.

I’ve been playing a bunch of Wii U games as our 4 year old has suddenly found a love for all things Italian plumber, and the Wii U has an incredible line-up of Mario games, with even more thanks to its Virtual Console. Besides that, I’ve been checking out the unbelievable Genshin Impact, F1 2020, ESO and Othercide for review.

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2. I imagine given that it’s coming to next-gen that’s not likely to change for a long while. He did try AC Odyssey, but felt bad knowing what a shit-hole Ubisoft is so he stopped. Tef meanwhile has been playing Rock of Ages 3, Star Renegades, and the reverse horror game Carrion.

Thomas Harrison-Lord played NASCAR Heat 5, saying it’s “fine but nothing more.” So he’s gone back to F1 2020 to play online with TSA readers and finished his second ‘My Team’ season.

Before taking Ghost of Tsushima out of its shrink wrap, Jim challenged himself to bag the Risk of Rain 2 platinum trophy, which was made much easier thanks to the game’s new Artefacts update. “One of these lets you select which power-ups drop instead of them being randomly assigned, making the trophy hunt almost trivial but still great fun. I also dropped into Rogue Company on PS4, the latest game from Hi-Rez Studios and a surprisingly strong rival to Riot’s own tactical shooter, Valorant.”

Reuben has mostly been playing Hades, saying “I can’t get enough of that fine ass Zagreus and the selection of equally hot gods”. Otherwise, he’s been playing Paper Mario: The Origami King and, of course, more Final Fantasy XIV.

Aran has been playing Creaks and Destroy All Humans for review; “Creaks is a decent puzzler with some tricky puzzles that can take a bit of time to get through. Destroy All Humans is Destroy All Humans.”

Jason has been playing a bit of Destroy All Humans too, saying it’s “cathartic”. He’s also been playing a lot of Heroes of Hammerwatch, some more Streets of Rogue where he tells us “I completed a run playing as the comedian and became the mayor because I asked a guy for his hat” and a few other things that he can’t talk about.

Miguel has spent this week playing Ghost of Tsushima, saying “I went in with low expectations so I’m having a fine enough time with it! I also played Necrobarista and Panzer Paladin which are some must-play indies. Besides that, a little messing around with Halo 3, Tekken 7, Apex Legends, and a few rounds of Smite to mess around with those Avatar The Last Airbender skins they added. And my usual Animal Crossing business.”

Gamoc also samurai’d it up by playing Ghost of Tsushima; “I’m really enjoying it. The story is excellent, and who doesn’t love being a badass samurai? Not to mention it’s stunningly good looking, so a nice stroll and the occasional haiku help you unwind between all the fights.”

Finally, Steve finished The Outer Worlds, saying it “was fine but seemed to run out of steam before the end and then resorted to static screen voiceovers for the conclusion. I then started Ori and the Will of the Wisps which is wonderful: challenging, heartbreaking, beautiful stuff. Also had another look at Maid of Sker before filing the review to see what changes have been made from the early build. Was set to play The Last Guardian with my kids but might hold off until I’ve finished Ori as that may be more emotion than I can cope with. Going to combine Ori with some Carrion for a nice change of pace.”

Now then, what have you played this week?

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  1. 100%’d Origami King. My first Paper Mario game and I really enjoyed it.

  2. Firstly, Bob the Horse still hates me.

    Then a bit of NMS after the latest update. Which adds some nice creepy things to explore. Plus I hid in a hole for 9 hours and got a couple of trophies. And then the platinum. Finally. After 4 years. Forgot I’d not got that, really.

    And some Dreams with the new VR update. Hate the forced “comfort” settings on the tutorial you have to play through first. Horrible mix of a 3rd person view and teleporting. Everything else about it is what everyone was hoping for though.

    Oh, and since Death Stranding is currently on sale, I finally bought it. After 2 hours, involving 15 minutes or less of actual gameplay, I wasn’t sure about it. After several more hours, I’m still not convinced. It’s all a bit mad, and looks and sounds nice, sure. But so far it feels like an stupidly long tutorial. Plus I got punched in the face for staring at the wrong thing. Which is actually quite funny. I think the incredibly tedious gameplay is actually growing on me though. Also, are you really supposed to vigorously shake a baby to calm it down? That seems wrong. (Plus the baby is a bit creepy. But that’s just babies in general, I think). And how many times can the name “Hideo Kojima” appear? I think he might like his own name a bit much.

  3. Played Ghost of Tsushima all week and got the Platinum today. Fantastic Game! Got to be the Game of the Year!
    Going to start again but in Kurosawa Mode.
    Will also return to Assassin’s Creed III Remastered this weekend to get that Platinum ^^

  4. A few more house of TLoU2 for me, nothing new to report, unless you count those all those pairs of brown trousers I ruined! I’m definitely appreciating the change of direction that has somehow freed me to be a bit more shooty and brutey, rather than sneaky and stabby.

  5. Finished CoD:WW2 on hardened which was quite enjoyable, and it could be the first CoD since Blops2 that I go back and play on veteran.

    Started the Battlefield V stories too as I borrowed it from my nephew (no PS+ so no MP for me) but it’s not grabbing me yet.

    Sadly my launch PS3 fat also bit the dust last weekend with the dreaded ylod – I guess 13 years isn’t a bad run though!

  6. Whoop – posted this on wrong page last night..

    At this stage i should have completed TLOU2 but i haven’t played it for two weeks now. The intention is there to complete it and i certainly haven’t made a conscious decision not to do so, i just don’t feel any compulsion to return to it right now. Feels really weird not being engaged to the end like with all other ND games i’ve played.

    In the meantime, i’ve made a start on Vampyr which is interesting so far, i’m more interested in the story than the combat and that’s probably a good thing. The game being set during the influenza epidemic really chimes with current events, especially all the safety posters.
    Also checked out the Desolation update for No Man’s Sky and i’m liking the derelict freighter dungeon-style missions but the new update which allows for freighter dtorage expansion seems to have deleted my freighter base, along with all my glitch decorations which i had displayed there. They took many hours to collect so i’m still hoping for a fix on that.
    And finally Dreams in VR definitely has near-limitless potential but clearly there is a difference in tailoring a scene for flat Vs VR. And scaling is much important when you’re inside a scene. I expect the quality of VR Dreams to improve now that creators actually have the proper tools to create, both in and for VR. A handful of my creations worked in VR without any tinkering but most of the others will just need some modification.. once i get around to the new VR tutorials and then figure out what i can get away with.. ;)

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