Batman Arkham City sold over 12m copies for Warner Bros.

It’s not the Batman video game news fans are desperately waiting to hear, but here’s an interesting update on what is widely revered as the best instalment in the acclaimed Rocksteady trilogy.

According to the LinkedIn profile of Michael Elkind, former Global Franchise Marketing Manager for Warner Bros., Batman: Arkham City sold 12.5 million copies, generating more than $600 million in revenue for the entertainment giant. This was spotted by Twitter user and video game researcher, Timur222, also linking to a story from February 2012 which reported the number of of Arkham City copies shipped as being over 6 million at that time. This updated figure of 12.5m+ has not been verified by Warner Bros. Interactive.


Currently, fans of the Batman Arkham series are waiting on the official announcement of a new instalment. Rocksteady’s previous game, Batman: Arkham Knight, launched more than five years ago to moderate critical praise, delivering that trademark combo of meaty melee combat and clever stealth with an open world Gotham teeming with side activities and roaming thugs to pummel.

It has been confirmed that series creators, Rocksteady Studios, aren’t working on a Batman Arkham sequel. Instead, the franchise has been handed to Warner Bros. Montreal who continue to tease their own Batman game with strong hints that this will be tied to the Court of Owls storyline. Recent website registrations point to this new game being called “Gotham Knight”, perhaps as a way to draw a line under the Arkham trilogy and WB Montreal’s prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins.

For a while now fans have continued to speculate over Rocksteady’s next big game. Despite not being a Batman sequel, there have been references to it existing within the DC Comics universe. Originally, it was rumoured that it could be a Superman game in the same vein as the Arkham series though this steadily morphed into a Justice League game before the aforementioned WB website registrations hinted at their new title being a Suicide Squad game, called “Suicide Squad kills the Justice League”.

Whatever Warner Bros. has planned for Batman and its other video game franchises, we’re due to hear more next month during their DC Fandome event. This 24 hour virtual showcase will include news and announcements for future WB games, with reports suggesting an appearance from that mysterious Harry Potter RPG, too.

Source: Twitter (Timur222)

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