Cuphead is out for PlayStation 4… today!

Studio MDHR’s have confirmed that their boss-rush run & gun platformer Cuphead is coming out for PlayStation 4… today!

That’s right, the acclaimed game with all its 1930s cartoon visual styling goodness is coming to PlayStation despite having been an Xbox One exclusive, and a pretty firm exclusive at that.

In the run up to the game’s original release, Studio MDHR said the game was a “100 per cent lifetime PC/Microsoft exclusive”. It arrived as a bit critical success in late 2017 for Xbox One and PC, but was then brought to Nintendo Switch in 2019, with Microsoft using the game as a bit of a testbed for bringing other games, like Hellblade, to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Of course, coming to a Nintendo console, who is rarely seen as a direct competitor to Xbox and PlayStation, and coming to PlayStation 4 are completely different matters. However, the game was never published by Microsoft. Studio MDHR always retained the IP rights and self-published the game on all platforms and so, despite that prior statement, there was always the possibility to reconsider down the road.

Insert wise-crack about all Xbox games being timed exclusives here.

Studio MDHR Co-Director Chad Moldenhauer said:

“Many of us on the team grew up exploring the worlds of classic PlayStation titles, from Resident Evil to Vandal Hearts. It’s surreal to think about players adventuring through the Inkwell Isles with a PlayStation controller in hand. To all the impassioned PlayStation fans who’ve sent us messages over the years: we’re so excited for you to get a chance to experience Cuphead firsthand.

“We’re also hugely thankful to the wonderful team at Xbox, who continue to empower us to bring our game and our story to new audiences.”

Studio MDHR also announced that there would be a free update for the game on Xbox One, bringing a digital art gallery, behind the scenese commentary and playable soundtrack. “We own the Cuphead IP.”

The team are still hard at work on its The Delicious Last Course DLC, which was planned for 2019 but delayed into 2020 last summer.

In our original Cuphead review, Dave wrote:

“Cuphead was well worth waiting for. It provided exactly what Studio MDHR said it would be – a boss rush with plenty of well-designed bosses and gorgeous presentation that mimics the Fleisher brothers’ art style. Depending on how used to 2D platformers with difficult bosses you are, there’s a decent amount on offer, though with limited side attractions beyond the bosses, it could all be done before you know it. It’s a swell ol’ time though.”

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  1. Nice, unexpected surprise, this always looked like an interesting game to play.

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