F1 2020 update 1.06 brings the black Mercedes W11 livery – full patch notes here

Codemasters have released update 1.06 for F1 2020, adding the black Mercedes W11 livery and driver suits to the game, alongside other tweaks and fixes.

With the absolute shambles that is 2020, F1’s 2020 season got off to a much, much delayed start earlier this month. With the teams having to navigate the tricky waters of financing during the global pandemic, this saw a number of livery changes compared to those that would have been used at the planned season opener in Australia, with Codemasters having to make changes to the game after release.


Better late than never, the black livery looks as good in game as it does in real life:

The updated livery comes just in time for this weekend’s British Grand Prix. While it’s a few weeks after the game’s release, the timing is great to emphasise the reason for the livery change. It’s Lewis Hamilton’s home grand prix, and it was his position as the sport’s only black driver and influence within the sport that saw Mercedes make the change from their traditional silver livery. The black livery is a statement of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and comes alongside a commitment to improve diversity within the team and sport.

The black livery isn’t everything in this patch, here’s what else is in update 1.06:

  • Mercedes car and driver suits updated to the black livery.
  • Fixed an issue in unranked multiplayer where a host disconnection resulted in AI having unrealistic lap times.
  • Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll now wear the correct gloves.
  • Fixed a progression issue in My Team career which could occur after an Invitational event.
  • Fixed a progression issue in My Team career which could occur at the end of a season.
  • The Savant sponsor will now correctly pay out.
  • Various other stability and bug fixes.

F1 2020 released earlier this month with a new My Team mode the biggest addition for this year’s entry. In our F1 2020 review, Tom said:

If it wasn’t for the addition of My Team, F1 2020 would go down as being great for newcomers, but past the best before date for those who have enjoyed recent iterations. Some elements are now very tired, but being able to oversee the running of your own team proves to be incredibly satisfying and just enough of a distraction – for now. F1 2020 highlights just how much of a team sport Formula 1 is, and that can only be a good thing.

Source: Codemasters

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  1. Nice, that will help quiet down the F1 game forums!

    Really been enjoying this game online recently, even if Lee-ma is streets ahead!

  2. Unless I was seeing things the Mercedes livery was updated in the first or second update but quickly disappeared.

    I hope they’ve fixed the issue of not showing the new option when given a new tyre strategy during a race. Even if you select the invisible option you keep the original one.

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