Animal Crossing Dreaming guide – how does the Dream Suite work in New Horizons?

The Dream Suite is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Well… kind of. There’s no longer a dedicated Dream Suite building, but with the release of Summer Update Wave 2, you can still close your eyes and visit a dream of another player’s island.

It comes as part of Update 1.4.0 for the game, which also brought a weekly fireworks show throughout August and island backups, so you can restore saves from a lost, damaged or stolen Nintendo Switch. Truly the stuff of nightmares!

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How does Dreaming work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Dreaming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a way for you to visit a snapshot of a person’s island without them being there.

There’s no dedicated Dream Suite building that you can build on your island, but instead you can simply take a nap on a bed that’s placed in your home. This will now give you the option of going to sleep and dreaming, where you’ll visit Luna in the dream realm.

From here you can visit another person’s island or share your own.

What can I do when visiting another island?

Things are a bit different compared to visiting a live island, with these dream visits being more about exploring another person’s creation. You also arrive, not by sea plane, but with Luna and your bed appearing right in the middle of the island’s plaza!

You visit without any of your inventory, meaning you can’t chop down trees or make major changes to the island while you’re there, but then again, nothing here is permanent.

The one thing you can take back are the custom designs that are hosted on the design portal. This will, appear next to your bed on the island plaza.

Where can I find my Dream Address?

Luna will give you your Dream Address when you create the dream version of your island, but you can also find it when viewing your passport and island map.

How can I update my island?

Since dreams are a snapshot of your island, they do not change or update with the rest of your island in real time. They preserve it at the point in time that you created them, residents, notification board and all.

You can simply visit Luna and ask her to refresh your dream island, but it’s only possible for this to be updated once per day.

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