The free £10/$10 PSN credit is being given out randomly

Earlier this week Sony started crediting PS Plus accounts with £10 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PlayStation Plus, some people got a credit, some did not, leading to confusion as to what qualified you to get the free cash. It turns out there were no requirements, the gift was given out on a random basis.


Sony have revealed the two games included in August’s PS Plus update will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Not only that, but Sony are giving players a bit of a headstart, with Modern Warfare 2 available to download right now and then Fall Guys following on 4th August. Both will then be available until 31st August.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a remastered version of the 2009 blockbuster, released almost out of nowhere back in March. It’s just the single player campaign, and not the defining multiplayer (because Activision wouldn’t want to distract too much from the popularity of the 2019 Modern Warfare now, would they?), but for many this is still where the series’ story peaked. You can dive into the campaign with improved textures, animations, physically based rendering, high-dynamic range lighting and much more. Could this be a lead in to the announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War?

You’d think Modern Warfare would be the biggest game of the month, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong, because that has to go to the cuddly battle royale of Fall Guys. Mediatonic’s riff on Takeshi’s Castle is full of bouncy shenanigans as you try to make it through to the final round and clinch that crown as the number one player.

We were playing it over the weekend in the last technical beta test before release and loved it. Read our Fall Guys preview here, where Jim said:

Tied up in such a cheeky, vibrant package, Fall Guys has the makings of a true multiplayer marvel and one that touts slapstick silliness over a constant barrage of blood and bullets. We’ll be throwing ourselves into this mad little game on launch day and we’ll surely be grinning from ear to ear as we do.

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  1. But surely they should reward the most loyal first? I subscribed to PS+ from day one and have done so ever since and I never got the promotion yet a friend who has been with PS+ just a couple of years and took a break did.

    That is not being to loyal to the loyal subscribers.

    • Same here, from day one until November 2022 and counting.
      They should have chosen the ones from the start then maybe random.

    • If you’ve subscribed from the start (as I have, and I didn’t get the free £10), you’re probably going to stay subscribed.

      If you’ve not been subscribed long, or you subscribed for a bit here and there, maybe the free money will tempt you to become a loyal subscriber?

      Doing it randomly is probably the best plan if you want to gain some new loyal subscribers while not pissing off all the long term subscribers too much. Better than all those special offers that only apply to new subscribers.

      • That’s the sensible way of doing it business wise but not the best for us first day’ers :(

        I only buy PSN credit (& PS+ membership) when they are on offer so I’ve saved a lot more than the £10 over the last ten years.

      • Well, if they did this, Camdaz, it wouldn’t be truly random… and leaving themselves open to the criticism “rewarding the loyal and dumping on everyone else.” Its not like those who have let their subscription lapse at some point can ever recover from that either, so permanently excluding those users. There are also probably more day one subscriber’s than there were £10 gifts available too.

        All things considered, random was the best possible solution for all players. No screams of bias, no perception of punishing those who aren’t day oners (and can never gain that status), and equal chance of reward for everyone.

      • Thing is, there’s probably 3-4 million PS+ subscribers who have had it from day one, probably more.

        Sony are not giving away £40 million, I doubt they are giving away £1m, they couldnt afford to give it every day one subber, hence random tenners here are there to drum up some publicity.

      • I do think Sony has done this the right way, as it’s a business they are running not a loyalty club.

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