Ghost of Tsushima praised by Yakuza series director

Despite launching just weeks after The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima has already proved a huge hit for Sony. The PlayStation 4’s final AAA exclusive topped UK charts for a second week running while also becoming the publisher’s fastest-selling original IP of the current console generation, beating Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Unsurprisingly, Ghost of Tsushima (our review) has been a major hit in Japan, both in terms of sales and critical reception. It has also attracted the attention of high profile Japanese game developers, including Toshihiro Nagoshi, executive director of Sega’s popular Yakuza game series.

“There are numerous things I bow my head to, like aiming at setting a game in that time period…I could go on and on,” said Nagoshi during a Sega livestream (translated by Kotaku). He mentions numerous facets of the game, praising Ghost of Tsushima’s technical prowess and the way it encourages open world exploration without a heavy guiding hand.

He also comments on protagonist, Jin Sakai, remarking that he “isn’t a particularly handsome lead, don’t you think?”. Nagoshi goes on to explain how the slightly aged and rugged Jin might not get a pass by Japanese marketing departments who prefer more youthful poster boys.

The Yakuza director also praises the extensive research carried out by developer Sucker Punch and was amazed at the authenticity of Tsushima’s setting:

Foreigners who tickle the fancy of Japanese people more than Japanese people are…rather amazing, no?[…] There’s like a notion that Westerners don’t understand things (about Japan), but that hypothesis itself is mistaken.

Those who have been doing their own research into Ghost of Tsushima will know that the game isn’t historically accurate in many respects, it’s use of black powder being one particular detail that stands out. We recently took a deep dive into the game’s historical background, quizzing a real samurai expert about the game.

Ghost of Tsushima broke sale records in Japan for Sony, recording the best first week sales of any Sony PS4 exclusive with 221,915 copies sold.

Earlier this week the game received a surprise update, patch 1.05 adding an even tougher difficulty level with added accessibility options.

Source: (via Kotaku)

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