Splinter Cell anime may be coming to Netflix, John Wick writer linked

There could be another gaming-related anime on the way for Netflix, which has already invested in Dragon’s Dogma and Castlevania, with the latest title being a bit different. According to Variety, a deal has been struck between Ubisoft and Netflix to create an anime based on the iconic Splinter Cell franchise. There seem to be some details already with Variety reporting that two seasons comprised of 16 episodes in total have been greenlit. Derek Kolstad, who is one of the key writers behind the John Wick films. has been linked as an executive producer and writer for the series.

There are no further details on what story the anime would follow. It could be one that has appeared in the games or a unique one specifically for the anime. Splinter Cell has been a long dormant franchise for Ubisoft, even though main character Sam Fisher has appeared in other Ubisoft games such as Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, so we know Ubisoft are still keen to keep the character in the minds of players.


There have long been rumours of a Splinter Cell revival. Most recently, Italian actor Luca Ward has now confirmed a new Splinter Cell game for 2021.

“There is this return of Splinter Cell that is supposed to be a conclusive episode, but I’m not sure about this part,” he said. “They have not yet figured out whether to do it in 2021. It was going to release in 2020, and then COVID-19 happened, and several big projects in 2020 got delayed. Others went on, like Cyberpunk 2077 on which I have almost finished working.”

“But I am sure that Splinter Cell will return, this is a fact,” he added.

Whether that is an actual fact remains to be seen as Ubisoft has not officially confirmed the existence of a new mainline Splinter Cell title, but with the anime on the way perhaps the series is about to experience a revival.

Source: Variety

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