UFC 4 Career mode trailer details new additions including Coach Davis

A new trailer has arrived for UFC 4 and this trailer gives a quick walkthrough of how the Career Mode has changed compared to the previous games in the EA UFC series. First off is the introduction of a dedicated coach called Coach Davis who will help manage your fighter’s development. When it comes to development fighter stats can be improved through levelling up as well as in real time depending on the kind of techniques that are used in the Octagon. This will feed into the fighting style that you have chosen for your fighter.

The action and stats inside the Octagon are not all that matter. There is a new relationship angle where relationships between your fighter and other fighters can develop to create friendly rivalries or full-on aggressive rivalries that could come to a head at any moment. You see an example in the trailer of two fighters almost coming to blows at a press conference.

Each fighter also has a star rating for their stand up, ground game, health, and moves. In theory, this should allow you to find better matchups, or let you focus on a specific area that suits your playstyle.

There are some new attributes that are being counted toward these – Punch / Kick Speed, Punch / Kick Power, Clinch Striking, Ground Striking, Cardio and Recovery. The attribute system will now be live to track how fighters improve or decline in the real world. Fighter updates will come alongside major UFC events with new attribute and move updates for fighters.

EA has revealed the first 10 fighters, starting at rank 50 and working their way up to the best fighters in the world.

Rank Fighter Weight Class Overall Striking OVR Grapple OVR Health OVR
50 Darren Till Male Middleweight 4 STAR 4.5 STAR 3. STAR 4 STAR
49 Paulo Costa Male Middleweight 4 STAR 4.5 STAR 3 STAR 4.5 STAR
48 Anthony Johnson Male Light Heavyweight 4 STAR 5 STAR 3.5 STAR 4 STAR
47 Dominick Reyes Male Light Heavyweight 4 STAR 4.5 STAR 3.5 STAR 4.5 STAR
46 Cody Garbrandt Male Bantamweight 4 STAR 4.5 STAR 4 STAR 4 STAR
45 Tatiana Suarez Female Strawweight 4 STAR 3.5 STAR 4.5 STAR 4.5 STAR
44 Dustin Poirier Male Lightweight 4 STAR 4.5 STAR 4 STAR 4.5 STAR
43 Ronda Rousey Female Bantamweight 4 STAR 3.5 STAR 4.5 STAR 4.5 STAR
42 Rafael Dos Anjos Male Welterweight 4.5 STAR 4 STAR 4.5 STAR 4.5 STAR
41 Leon Edwards Male Welterweight 4.5 STAR 4.5 STAR 4 STAR 4.5 STAR

UFC 4 was announced during the UFC 251 event, with EA giving us a look at their upcoming fighting game. Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury were also confirmed as pre-order DLC characters.

We spoke to them about how they’re trying to make the game more responsive than ever, and how there’s a real focus on letting you take your custom fighters into any game mode – find the full interview here. We also checked in on why they were ditching Ultimate Team for the game, and if and how they will be adding support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

For now, UFC 4 will only be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 14th August.

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