Free Rocket Arena codes being given away to celebrate the first season

Rocket Arena was only released a couple of weeks ago by EA and Final Strike Games, but it seems that it hasn’t been as popular as the team would have liked. Now, free codes for Rocket Arena are being given away on PC, PS4, and Xbox One “in celebration of season one.”

The instructions are as follows:

1. Click”Codes and Promotions” then select Promotion questions”to enter LETSROCKET

2. Sign-in to your EA account.

3.Fill in the required information, enter LETSROCKET into the Subject and Issue fields, and hit ‘Email us”. Once complete, you’ll receive an email with your code.

We look forward to seeing you blastoff in Crater with your friends!

Click here to request a code. Codes are limited and according to the promotion only those with North America PSN logins are eligible on PS4. That limit is not applied to PC and Xbox One. However, there are also reports that PS4 codes have run out.

In our review for Rocket Arena, Stefan wrote:

Rocket Arena is an energetic new take on the arena shooter that revels in and rewards skillful play with its projectile weaponry. There’s breadth to the cartoony character line up, and while their varied weapons and abilities muddy the purity of the classic rocket arena concept, you’ll quickly find a favourite and get to enjoy the frantic scrapping of the game’s various modes.

You can read the full Rocket Arena review here.

Source: Reddit./Resetera

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  1. If you really want it, it’s on sale until the 19th for just £4.24. And they’ve just added it to EA Access.

    But the fact that it’s plummeted in price by 83% just 2 weeks after launch suggests nobody really wants it.

  2. It sounds like you already need the game to get a code, and it’s about getting friends to join you on it. People that bought it full price are probably pretty annoyed right now at the huge price drop.

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