Fall Guys roadmap reveals new DLC levels, costumes, and more

Devolver Digital and Mediatonic have revealed their content roadmap for the newly released Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.


Having launched only hours ago on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 (as one of August’s PlayStation Plus freebies) there are no doubt thousands of you already bumbling about looking to score your first win.

However, you may already be wondering what comes next for Fall Guys. Without waiting for the dust to settle, Mediatonic posted the following tweet, complete with an image roughly outlining future content for the game:

So, it looks like we’re due to see new rounds added to Fall Guys, as well as unlockable costumes (well a cactus costume, at least) and “new features” the developers aren’t ready to announce just yet.

We were playing the game last weekend in the last technical beta test before release and had an absolute ball. Read our Fall Guys preview here, where Jim said:

Tied up in such a cheeky, vibrant package, Fall Guys has the makings of a true multiplayer marvel and one that touts slapstick silliness over a constant barrage of blood and bullets. We’ll be throwing ourselves into this mad little game on launch day and we’ll surely be grinning from ear to ear as we do.

Last night saw the game’s trophy list revealed, with no small amount of puns and trolling of those trying to earn the sacred platinum. Those aiming to unlock the Fall Guys platinum trophy will undoubtedly struggle when it comes to completing the conditions for “Infallible” – a gold trophy which requires you to come first five times in a row. A trophy the dev team can’t see anyone unlocking unless you truly are a Fall Guys deity.

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